GTA 4: Most realistic release with Simple Trainer v6.53 - Makes you enter into a new world

Hey guyz,have you ever wondered about the cheats,hacks or tricks that you can make on rockstar's ever wondering and everlasting creation GTA 4.,then here it is i introduce Simple Trainer v6.53 for you guyz(Nor owned by me neither created by me).It can do anything you want.

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You can be yourself a god in GTA 4.Car God Mod,Unlimited money,unlimited health,never wanted levels,etc.Here below goes the docs specified by Simple Trainer includes

List of options (defaults)
RCTRL+F1            Special God Mode On/Off
RCTRL+F3            Gravity Off/On
RCTRL+F4            Police Ignore /Engage Player
F5                           Add Money (100.000)
F6                           Enable/Disable Airbreak
RCTRL+F6            Never Tired On/Off
RCTRL+F7            Change Model to Brucie, Roman,                                                             Little Jacob, Mallorie, Bernie, Dwayne,                                                   Michelle, Packie, Kate, Badman
RCTRL+Q              Change Model to Dimitri, Faustin,                                                            Francis, French Tom,
                Manny, Phil, Playboy X, Ricky,                    Jimmy, Ray
RCTRL+F9            Niko (different clothes, bags)

F10         Teleport to:
Num 0                   The Triangle
                Num 1                   Broker Safe house
                Num 2                   Bohan Safe house                          
                Num 3                   Algonquin Middle Park East Safe house
                Num 4                   Algonquin Northwood Safe house
                Num 5                   Alderney City Safe house
                Num 6                   Comedy Club
                Num 7                   Rotterdam Tower
                Num 8                   Getalife Building
                Num 9                   Majestic Hotel
F11         Teleport to:
Num 0                   Poop Deck
                Num 1                   Algonquin Northwood
                Num 2                   Algonquin Star Junction
                Num 3                   Algonquin City Hall
                Num 4                   Alderney Leftwood
                Num 5                   Alderney City
                Num 6                   Alderney Acter Industrial Park
                Num 7                   Bohan Chase Point
                Num 8                   Broker Outlook
                Num 9                   Dukes East Island City
F12         Teleport to:
Num 0                   Marriot Marquis
                Num 1                   Charge Island
                Num 2                   Colony Island
                Num 3                   Happiness Island
                Num 4                   Airport
                Num 5                   Statue of Happiness
                Num 6                   Liberty City Bank
                Num 7                   Statue of Happiness Cup
                Num 8                   Algonquin Lawyer’s Office
                Num 9                   Algonquin Top of Rotterdam Tower

                F10 + 0 / 9            Save current position to teleport slot
                F11 + 0 / 9            Save current position to teleport slot
                F12 + 0 / 9            Save current position to teleport slot
                                Tab                         Save Game
                                Insert                    Clear Wanted Level
                                Num +                  Spawn Random Driver
                                Num -                   Enable/Disable Phone Sleep Mode
                                Num *                  Tune to Favorite Radio Station
                                RCTRL+Num/     Car God Mode On/Off
                                PageUP                Spawn Attacking Driver/ped                                       Del                         Increase Wanted Level +1 each press
                                End                        Turn Alarm Lights On/Off
                                Pagedown          Turn Interior Lights On/Off
                                -_                            Fast run, toggle or hold down
                                =+                           Always God Mode Enabled/Disabled
                                [{                             Never Wanted Enabled/Disabled
                                ]}                             Car Speedup – hold down.
                                \|                            Car "Super" Brake /Instant Stop
                                '"                             Go Through Doors
                                ;:                             No Reload/Always Unlimited Ammo
                                /?                            Explode Nearest Car
                                .>                            Grab/un grab cars
                                ,<                            Car Slow Down
                                Num .                    Car Speed Up Slow
                                RAlt+B                  Set Bomb
                                RCTRL+B              Trigger Bomb
                                RCTRL+C              Enable Super Jump
                                RCTRL+H              Kill Enemy Ped Attached to Desti.M.
                                RCTRL+I                Kill Ped attached to Destination M.
                                RCTRL+J               Enable/Disable Gravity Gun
                                RCTRL+K              Teleport all bodyguards to player
                                RCTRL+L               Teleport to Spawned Cars
                                RCTRL+M             Teleport to valid Destination Marker
                                RCTRL+O              Save Char Coordinates to trainer.ini
                                RCTRL+R              Load Saved Clothes Slot 1
                                RCTRL+V              Clean Clothes
                                M+Num 0            Seatbelt
                                M+Num 1            Packie Like, Respect 100% /Roman
                                M+Num 2            Brucie Like, Respect 100% /Dwayne
                                M+Num 3            Little Jacob Like and Respect 100%
                                M+Num 4            Simple Ragdoll
                                M+Num 5            Switch Back to Animated
                                M+Num 6            Drunk Cam
                                M+Num 7            End Drunk Cam
M+Num 8            Attach/Release Car for Skylift
                                M+Num 9            Enable/Disable Clock
                                In-game Menu                 
                                F3                           Display Menu
                                Backspace           Cancel Menu
                                Num 4                   Scroll Menu Down
                                Num 6                   Scroll Menu Up
                                Num 2                   Scroll Menu Options Down
                                Num 8                   Scroll Menu Options Up
                                Num 5                   Enter Option     
                                Num 0                   Back to Main Menu
                                F4                           Hide/Unhide Menu

World conditions:          
LAlt+Num 0        Cycle Slow Motion
LAlt+Num 1        Noon (12)
LAlt+Num 2        Afternoon (18)
LAlt+Num 3        Evening (23)
LAlt+Num 4        Night (05)
LAlt+Num 5        Ahead one Hour
LAlt+Num 6        Back one hour
LAlt+Num 7        Give Weapons 1/2
LAlt+Num 8        Add Armor
LAlt+Num 9        Max Health

RAlt+Num 0        Sync Time to System Time/End T. Sync
RAlt+Num 1        Extra Sunny
RAlt+Num 2        Sunny
RAlt+Num 3        Sunny-Windy
RAlt+Num 4        Cloudy
RAlt+Num 5        Raining
RAlt+Num 6        Drizzle
RAlt+Num 7        Foggy
RAlt+Num 8        Lightning
RAlt+Num 9        Player Invisible/Visible

Car changes:
RCtrl+Num 0      Lock/Unlock Car Doors
RCtrl+Num 1      Fix Car
RCtrl+Num 2      Flip Car
RCtrl+Num 3      Clean Car
RCtrl+Num 4      Change Car Color Slot 1
RCtrl+Num 5      Change Car Color Slot 2
RCtrl+Num 6      Change Car Color Slot 3
RCtrl+Num 7      Change Car Color Slot 4
RCtrl+Num 8      Change Car Color Slot 5
RCtrl+Num 9      Change Car Color Slot 6
I+ Num 0              Car Rotation each press 90 degrees
I+ Num 1              Open Left Front Door
I+ Num 2              Open Right Front Door
I+ Num 3              Open Left Rear Door
I+ Num 4              Open Right Rear Door
I+ Num 5              Open Hood
I+ Num 6              Open Trunk
I+ Num 7              Open All Car Doors
I+ Num 8              Enable/D.  Speedometer KM/U
I+ Num 9              Trigger/Silence Car Alarm

J+ Num 0             Engine Off/On
J+ Num 1             Close Left Front Door
                J+ Num 2             Close Right Front Door
                J+ Num 3             Close Left Rear Door
                J+ Num 4             Close Right Rear Door
                J+ Num 5             Close Hood
                J+ Num 6             Close Trunk
                J+ Num 7             Close All Car Doors
                J+ Num 8             Enable /D. Speedometer  MPH
                J+ Num 9             Car/Player Invisible/ Visible
                K+ Num 0            Force Lights Off/On       
                K+ Num 1            Save Car
                K+ Num 2            Warp to Car as Driver
                                K+ Num 3            Cycle through passenger seats
                                K+ Num 4            Remove Left Front Window
                                K+ Num 5            Remove Right Front Window
                                K+ Num 6            Remove Left Rear Window
                                K+ Num 7            Remove Right Rear Window
                                K+ Num 8            Remove All Windows
                                O+ Num 0            Teleport to Waypoint
                                ~`                            Get Taxi
                                O+ Num 1            Free Taxi
                                O+ Num 2            Set Nearest Ped on Fire
                                O+ Num 3            Ragdoll Nearest Ped
                                O+ Num 4            Freeze Nearest Ped
                                O+ Num 5            Unfreeze Nearest Ped
                                O+ Num 6            Add Health to Player (200)
                                O+ Num 7            Spawn Bodyguard
                                O+ Num 8            All Bodyguards/Peds leave
                                O+ Num 9            Sit Down/Stand Up
                                L+ Num 0             Open Various Doors
                L+ Num 1             Spawn Attacking Ped                                     L+ Num 2             Unlock Map
                                L+ Num 3             Spawn Random Bodyguard
                                L+ Num 4             Spawn Random Ped
                                L+ Num 5             Spawn Ped
                                L+ Num 6             Enable/Disable Hud and Radar                   L+ Num 7             Enable/Disable Mobile Radio
                                L+ Num 8             Mobile Radio Station Up
                                L+ Num 9             Mobile Radio Station Down
                                N                             Mobile Radio Next Song
                                RCTRL+T               Enable/Disable Dynamic obj.
                                RCTRL+U              Delete Last Spawned Object
                                RCTRL+X              Last Object invisible/visible
                                RCTRL+Y               All Objects invisible/visible
                                RCTRL+Z               Add Explosion around Player
                                LAlt+I                    Internet
                                LAlt+J                    Freeze Nearest Car
                                LAlt+K                   Warp Into Nearest Car
                                Airbreak keys:
                                W                            Up
                                S                              Down
                                Num 8                   Forward
                                Num 2                   Back
                                Num 6                   Rotate clock wise
                                Num 4                   Rotate counter clock wise
                                Right Arrow        Tilt Right
                                Left Arrow          Tilt Left
Spawn Vehicles:
LAlt+A                   Turismo
LAlt+B                   Comet
LAlt+C                   Infernus
LAlt+D                   Super GT
LAlt+E                   Feltzer
LAlt+F                   Schafter
LAlt+G                  FBI Buffalo
LAlt+M                 NRG900
LAlt+N                  Sanchez
LAlt+R                   Random Vehicle
LAlt+T                   Annihilator
LAlt+U                  Maverick
LAlt+X                   Jetmax

Continued Options:
RCtrl+RAlt+D      Disable Trainer
RCtrl+RAlt+E      Re-enable Trainer

LAlt+0                   Smash Car Window/Steal Car
LAlt+1                   Spawn Object 1
LAlt+2                   Spawn Object 2
LAlt+3                   Spawn Object 3
LAlt+4                   Spawn Object 4
LAlt+5                   Spawn Object 5
LAlt+6                   Clear Area
LAlt+7                   Explode Car attached to valid dest.M.
LAlt+8                   Spawn Random Attacking Ped
LAlt+9                   Enable/Disable under Car Neons
RAlt+0                   Play Random Speech
RAlt+1                   Load Animation Slot 1
RAlt+2                   Load Animation Slot 2
RAlt+3                   Load Animation Slot 3
RAlt+4                   Load Animation Slot 4
RAlt+5                   Load Animation Slot 5
RAlt+6                   Assign Task to last spawned ped
RAlt+7                   Enter Subway
RAlt+8                   Save Car to Slot 1
RAlt+9                   Load Car from Slot 1
RShift+1               Load Speech Slot 1
RShift+2               Load Speech Slot 2
RShift+3               Load Speech Slot 3
RShift+4               Load Speech Slot 4
RShift+5               Load Speech Slot 5
RShift+6               Load Speech Slot 6
RShift+7               Load Speech Slot 7
RShift+8               Load Speech Slot 8
RShift+9               Load Speech Slot 9
RShift+0               Load Speech Slot 10
M+0                       Move Last Spawned Object
M+1                       Clone Last Spawned Object
M+2                       Freeze Car
M+3                       Unfreeze Car
M+4                       Freeze Player
M+5                       Unfreeze Player
M+6                       Explode Saved Car
M+7                       Enable Cruise Control
M+8                       Add Force to Player
M+9                       Enable/Disable Camera Lock
J                              No Ragdoll Jump
R                             Car Backwards
X                             Preview Object
RAlt+A                  Recruit Bodyguard

L                              Leave Station
Numpad +           Speed Up
Numpad -            Speed Down
                                B                             Stop Subway
                                Right Arrow        Open/Close Right Doors
                                Left Arrow          Open/Close Left Doors
                                Q                             Enable/D Automatic Stop
                                R                             Rotate Camera C.  Clockwise
                                X                             Rotate Camera Clockwise
                                W/S                       Move Roof Cam Forward/Back
                                A/D                        Move Roof Camera Left/Right                   F                              Leave Subway
                                Enter                     Skip to next station
                                Num 0                   Game Supplied Views
                                Num 1                   Cockpit Camera
                                Num 2                   Interior Camera 1
                                Num 3                   Interior Camera 2
                                Num 4                   Interior Camera 3
                                Num 5                   Side Camera 1
                                Num 6                   Side Camera 2
                                Num 7                   Roof Camera
                                Num 8                   Front Camera
                                Num 9                   Rear Camera

                                Num 4                   Left
                                Num 6                   Right
                                Num 2                   Back
                                Num 8                   Front
                                Num 5                   Center                 

                                Gravity Gun
                                R. Mouse             Target and Move
                                Arrow Up            Move Away
                                Arrow Down      Move Closer
                                L.  Mouse            Fire

                                TLAD Only:
                                M + Num 1          Clay Like and Respect
                                M + Num 2          Terry Like and Respect
                                M + Num 3          Jim Like and Respect


M + Num 1          Armando Like and Respect
M + Num 2          Henrique Like and Respect
M + Num 3          Parachute
F7                           Smoke ( using parachute)
Capslock              Nitro
L + Num 2            Nitro Fast Reload
RAlt +G                 Reload Nitro Settings

Problem Facing Users :- 
  1. If anyone facing problems with cracked version of GTA 4 with Razor Crack.
  2. Someone getting problems like GTA 4 crashes while loading.
Here is the fix,just download the the below zip file contains xlive.dll and xlive_d.dll.

Enjoying playing in a virtual world.

Any help just drop me a message into the below comment box.:)
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