JARVIS IronMan - Speak to your computer as speaking with your friend with most Advanced Syn Virtual Assistant 8.0 free

Hey guys iam back here with a wonderful software which makes your computer the best companion or your best friend.Just be cool and Sit anywhere with your Microphone and start talking with her.Oops am i saying 'her'.
Yes its her.Not 'it' anymore.Rest of the details are below.And make sure that your PC meets system requirements.

Syn Virtual Assistant 8.0 Prototype

Though it was a huge challenge and a great achievement to get the new version up and running. We have made the world's leading free 3D Virtual Assistant even better.
Why Choose Syn Virtual Assistant ?
Syn Virtual Assistant or SVA is a 3D Virtual Assistant Platform. SVA has been developed using our Syn Engine a Functional Natural Language Processing Engine. SVA comes with a Platform Independent Graphic Engine. If you used our previous version of Syn Virtual Assistant you will notice that most the new features are based on your suggestions in the Forum. Which in itself reflects our commitment in developing the World's Leading Virtual Assistant in its class.
As for now SVA is available in English UK/US language. SVA has an advanced AI system that is fully customizable. The main aim of SVA is to assist users in human-computer interaction ( HCI ) which inludes reminders, gettings latest news , checking their email and even weather reports.

SVA is Windows Desktop Software at the moment. Its hard to think of an advanced AI system as an App. SVA Prototype 8.0 now comes with advanced 3D avatars that mimics a real human-like character within your computer.
SVA comes with dozens of Plugins ( individual modules to add feature ). Face detection , weather reports , news reports , dictionary features, wikipedia search are all plugins created just for SVA. SVA is a research work and we will keep improving SVA till we get a very human-like assistant ready for the world.
There are hundreds of commands built directly into Syn Virtual Assistant.
What can I say ?
Syn Virtual Assistant requires a very low hardware profile when compared to similar existing Virtual Assistants. Making it the most feasible Virtual Assistant in existence. Apart from the fact that the Virtual Assistant handles many plugins flaws in any plugin rarely affects the Engine as it is designed around a fail-proof architecture
Unlike most ( or all ) of the existing Virtual Assistants that log your private information. Syn Virtual Assistant guarantees your Privacy to be safe. All your information, used by the Engine, remain confined within your Machine and no information is sent to any Syn Server. You may even enable or disable any plugin that might do the otherwise.
Our goal is to make it easy for you to use SVA in the widest possible range of development. Syn Virtual Assistant is designed with Modular coding in mind. Which means every aspect of the Virtual Assistant can be customized with the help of the Plugin-Interface. Syn Virtual Assistant is ( in a sense ) a collection of Plugins interacting with SynEngine to serve a purpose. This gives Syn Virtual Assistant the best possible flexibility when it comes to customization. Hence Syn Virtual Assistant is the first choice when it comes to any developer trying to create his/her customized Virtual Assistant for any specific purpose.
Moreover Syn Virtual Assistant is not a software its a research work that demonstrate the power of the Engine it uses. i.e. the SynEngine ( A platform independent Natural Language Interface Engine ).
We encourage users and developers to customize the assistant to suit their needs. For any support related purpose we recommend you using
Developers Forum
Syn Virtual Assistant can even be used in Commercial Establishments for Advertisment using Display Panels or as a Standalone Q-A Help Desk. To know more about Commercial Usage click on the link below. Commercial License for Syn Virtual Assistant is available to Registered Companies only.
Learn More
To help extending the feature of Syn Virtual Assistant we have also set up a store. Which can accessed through any of our products
Customize your Syn Virtual Assistant ( Syn Store )

If you are running Windows 7 you should download .Net Framework 4.0
So your system meets the minimum requirements ?
Just feel free to comment here.
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