Download XOLO Stock ROM For All Models

Are you looking for the Stock ROM firmware of your XOLO smartphone? Well, you are in the right place. Here we have managed to provide Stock ROM’s for all XOLO smartphones. These stock ROM’s are provided by XOLO officially and you can install them on your device without any hassle.Having Stock ROM firmware installed on your device is the best way to have 100% Android experience. So, if you have installed a custom ROM firmware on your XOLO device, download the respective stock ROM from here and install it on your device.

Download XOLO Stock ROM For All Models

Xolo Model NumberStock ROM CountryAndroid VersionDownload Link
Xolo A500AllAndroid 4.0.4Download
Xolo A500 ClubAllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo A500LAllAndroid 4.2.2Download
XoloA500sAllAndroid 4.2.2Download
XoloA500s IPSAllAndroid 4.2.2Download
XoloA500s LiteAllAndroid 4.2.2Download
XoloA510sAllAndroid 4.2Download
XoloA550s IPSAllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo A600AllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo A700AllAndroid 4.1.2Download
Xolo A700sAllAndroid 4.2Download
Xolo A800AllAndroid 4.1.2Download
Xolo A1000AllAndroid 4.1.1Download
Xolo A1000sAllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo B700AllAndroid 4.0.4Download
Xolo LT900AllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo Hive 8X-1000AllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Play 6X 1000AllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Play 8X 1100AllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Play 8X 1200AllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Play T1000AllAndroid 4.1.1Download
Xolo Q500AllAndroid 4.1.1Download
Xolo Q500s IPSAllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q510sAllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo Q600AllAndroid 4.2.1Download
Xolo Q600sAllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q610sAllAndroid4.4.2Download
Xolo Q700AllAndroid 4.2.1Download
Xolo Q700iAllAndroid 4.2.1Download
Xolo Q700sAllAndroid 4.2Download
Xolo Q800AllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo Q800 XAllAndroid 4.1.2Download
Xolo Q900AllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo Q900sAllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q900TAllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo Q1000AllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo Q1000sAllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo Q1000s+AllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo Q1000 OpusAllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q1000 Opus 2AllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q1000 Opus 3AllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q1000 Opus HDAllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q1010AllAndroid 4.2.2Download
Xolo Q1010iAllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q1011AllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q1100AllAndroid 4.3Download
Xolo Q1200AllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q2000AllAndroid 4.2Download
Xolo Q2000LAllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q2100AllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo Q2500AllAndroid 4.2Download
Xolo Q3000AllAndroid 4.4.2Download
Xolo QC800AllAndroid 4.1.2Download
Xolo TW800AllAndroid 4.1Download
Xolo X500AllAndroid 4.0.4Download
Xolo X900AllAndroid 4.0.4Download
Xolo X910AllAndroid 4.0.4Download
Xolo X1000AllAndroid 4.0.4Download
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Don't be shy. Just leave your comments, am so happy to assist you. And, don't forgot that I am such a nice person who you are dealing with :)

Don't be shy. Just, leave your comments. Iam so happy to assist you. And, don't forgot that, I am such a nice person who you are dealing with :)