Solution - ADB not recognizing Android 5.0 Lollipop devices

Hi Andro lovers,

Today iam gonna solve a frustrating problem most developers and ordinary users facing off that is "ADB not recognizing Android 5.0 Lollipop devices".

Nice conversation between Android,ADB and ShihabSoft

Android :- Oh my god why you can't recognize me,now iam looking so beautiful and also iam the latest one.

ADB :- Oops who are you?I can't even understand you as an Android.

Operating System :- What the hell?I have all kind of latest drivers installed for the Android.And i can understand him.Why you can't recognize him?

ADB : :(

ShihabSoft : Hello,everyone iam joining this conversation on the side of my fellow ADB.I have found what is the problem with the ADB and i will solve it on the below steps.:)

Steps to solve ADB not recognizing in Android 5.0 lollipop devices

As from the previous conversation.You can understand that as Operating System said it has all the updated working drivers for Android.Then the problem is with ADB program.Iam scratching my head for days before i got the solution.Atlast i have found it.

Atlast i have found that the problem is with the ADB program.And due to its outdated version.Because the ADB program and Pre Android 5.0 devices does't need any kind of authorization or RSA fingerprint matching between them before setting up a connection.But nowadays due to the increasing threats towards the technology,Google decides to put some on security over the most confidential gateway ADB.


Hope you guys got the frustration out off your head.And feel free to use the comment box,if you some frustrations remaining :).
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