RT4U RolePlay - The Best and Most Realistic Roleplay Server on SA-MP - San Andreas Multi Player


It's been a long time scripting this server, may be it took around 1 and half years. Now it's live, open to public after all those aggressive testing and feature making.

Some of you may be wondering, why this long for scripting? Well, this server covers most of the places in GTA:SA like LS, LV, SF, etc...

If you're a SA-MP player, then feel free to read ahead, and enjoy joining the server. I know this is not one of my routine posts, just take it as a good addition for RT4U.


  • Unique and secure login system.
  • Quick start registration, no hassle of filling up tons of details before logging in.
  • Fun World
  • Once you're in, you're open to the limitless fun world, right spawning at the TAXI place, where you could try out your first job.
  • Dynamic House System 
  • You can buy, sell, rent, etc...
  • Dynamic Business System 
  • Lots of businesses everywhere, that you could buy at a glance, with unique safe system, password system, friend permission system, etc...
  • Dynamic Vehicle System 
  • You could buy vehicles, sell, paint job, etc.
  • Dynamic Gate System 
  • This is one of the most unique feature of this server, as I've never seen something like this before in any of the other popular RP servers. You could ask or buy a gate for your house or any private land, so that you could use it for in-game security purposes. You could set a unique password for the gate, so that you're the only one able to open or close.
  • Dynamic Admin System 
  • We've different levels of admins, ranging from Moderators to the high end Server Owner, always waiting for your arrival, helping you out ;)
  • Dynamic Families or Gangs 
  • There are 14 family or gang slots, all left free. If you're a good role-player, you'll be assigned to one.
  • Faction System 
  • We've around 12 factions in our server, including the most player awaited Hitman, FBI, LSPD, LVPD, SFPD, NG, SA News, etc... Most of the leader positions are free, feel free to join in and prove your role playing skills and reserve yourself a spot in one of our most elite factions.
  • Helper System 
  • As you may know, every player step into our team through the gates of Helper team, help people around, start from becoming a Helper to Chief Advisor, then to Administrator and Moderator. Always waiting for your arrival to help you out, we've /newb cmd for asking newbie questions, /requesthelp for the ones who need help.
  • Dynamic Door System 
  • In short DD, we've a lot of perks for the ones who donate, one of them is DD. Dynamic Door to magically disappear from a place to other place, which would be super cool for you, for hiding from your enemies.
  • High server paychecks 
    The paychecks are higher and the grocery costs are lower, so you would enjoy the stay, even with low amount of money.
  • We've a unique VIP system, that could make your fingers cross.

    With awesome perks, that's not explainable unless you find it yourself in that spot having one VIP token. You could become a VIP by donating, or well, we're new, why can't you try it for free once in a while ;) Join up.

And much more......

Waiting for your arrival.

Steps to join

If you're new to SA-MP, and don't know how to add a server, just follow the below steps.

  • Open your SA-MP Client and click on Servers->Add Server in menu bar and just copy and paste the above address omitting samp://
  • That's it you've successfully added our SA-MP server.
Forum - coming soon.Hope you enjoy your stay :)
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  1. Thanks Shihab, How many players can join? May you please give us link to google plus to download game and is it free to play game?

    1. Hey there,

      Nothing much, if you have already installed GTA San Andreas. Just download SA-MP and install it.

      Rest is as mentioned above. And for now, the max player slot is 200.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry SA-MP is only available for PC, as of now.

  3. Shihab where is the next mm mod 30.0 is the last mm mod please tell me..😟😟

  4. 'unable to open the link since no application associated with "samp:" protocol was found on your system'
    i got this message when i opened the given link with opera browser(pc),
    while in google chrome(pc) the link opened but just an empty page.
    MR.Shihab, what can i do now????? :(

    1. If you have ever played SA-MP before, you would've known that. BTW, it's a multiplayer app made for GTA San Andreas.

  5. Shihab tell me mm mod is end 30.0 is your last mm mods please tell me

  6. Dear Shihab,

    Thanks for amazing work.

    Earlier I was using rooted phone and all the mods were working fine. But now I have changed the phone and it's unrooted phone. I have downloaded and installed latest mod 30. As soon as I had installed and ran the mod it gives the options to choose to patch it. Once I select the desired options and click on patch, it shows its patching and after that it says to click on Nail it or thanks. I clicked on Nail it. It says patched saved. Then when I start mini maletia I can't see those patches and game starts as normal game without patches. Can you please help me.

  7. Sir, please I want bullet force gold and credits mod please post on your web site how to do it , please.

  8. Hello! Shihab is it possible to make some kind of resource injector for gameloft's order and chaos 2 redemption game

  9. Hello! Shihab,I'm a great fan of your work. I was wondering if you could make some kind of resource injector app for gameloft's order and chaos 2 redemption game. It would be a great help.


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