Toggle Mod LIVE COMBO v31.0 - Grand Release - Live Patching Feature, Ultra Fast Code Optimizations, All Patching bugs Fixed - Mini Militia v3.0.136 - WORKS ON MULTIPLAYERS

Happy Ramadan folks,

Here am back with the grand release of our Toggle Mod COMBO, wait... what??? Did I miss something? Yep, it is, Toggle Mod LIVE COMBO v31.0 pal for Mini Militia v3.0.136.

UPDATE - 30/05/2017
Hey, I've released a new update, versioned 32.0 with some awesome new features plus bug fixes supports Mini Militia v3.0.136.
Already a Toggle Mod COMBO user?

Then just open the application, you'll be greeted with an update notification. Or, just use the below link to grab it.

Thanks for holding up guys, it's been around a month, since the last release of our beloved Toggle Mod versioned 30.0.

As I was toppled up with complaints about patching bugs, game crashing bugs, slow reading patches and writing patches, and also about some in-game bugs like Dual Wield, Zoom crash bugs, etc...

I decided to write a robust application, fixing almost all sorts of bugs and you don't believe while I say, the app's now reading and writing patches within a split second. And as you all have waited for this occasion, now you're capable of patching live while running the game, without having to restart it every now and then, for applying new patches.

I am sure this update would compensate the long delay.

New App Features & Bug Fixes

  • Live Patching Feature - Now you could apply patches, or select whatever in-game feature you want, whilst the game is still running. No more restarts, for each and every new patch.
  • Ultra Fast Code Optimizations - Major part of the reading and writing binary codes are moved to native, low level program. So that reading and writing patches are done within a snap of a finger.
  • All patching bugs fixed - Sometimes even after the patching was successful, the game would crash. Or even, the app would crash whilst the patching process is on-going. All those kinda bugs are fixed.
  • Upgraded update servers - I've now moved the update checker server to a dedicated one, as of now, the you might not even get a chance to see a "Checking for update" dialog, as the servers are fast enough to serve your requests. (It also depends on your internet speed too).

In-Game Bug Fixes

  • Dual Wield - Fixed a code conflict bug, which caused the Dual Wield option to always visible, whilst being near a weapon.
  • Magic 7x Zoom - A zoom level change bug, which caused the game to crash, if the Zoom feature is not selected in Toggle Mod.
  • Bullet Range - An invalid memory address, which caused the bullets to travel back, when the Infinite Bullet Range is selected.
  • Custom Skill - In some cases, invalid custom skill would be shown, when changed Custom Skill progress in Toggle Mod.
  • Miscellaneous bugs - Lots of other in-game bugs were fixed, which was noted in records whilst bug fixing.

Video on explaining Live Patching features & How to use Toggle Mod LIVE Combo

Make sure to install the original Mini Militia game binary from the playstore. The game would certainly crash, if you try to patch over a modified game binary.


ANTI-SPAM : You need to unlock this download via any option shown below. (It would take time to load, if you're on a slow connection)


Thank you all for being in such a good sport. Keep requesting things, am always happy to fulfill your request whilst being free of cost. If you think, I deserve a kudos for my work, then feel free to donate here.

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  1. When I'm in media fire a.nd I click download it finishes instantly then say file pasing

  2. When I'm in media fire a.nd I click download it finishes instantly then say file pasing

  3. the mod app is just stuck at reading applied patches!!! please fix!!!

  4. Plzz shihab make it for non root plzz plzz plzz plzzz pzz plzz pzz

  5. When you uploading that unlimitsd shot of roxket at a time

  6. It's just stuck at reading applied patches

  7. Its not working on my redmi note 3. My phone is rooted too.. Its stuck in "reading applied patches.. Pls wait..." its showing for more than 10 mins.. I uninstalled mini militia and mod too then also the results same

  8. M using Redmi note 3 with root access. By using new mod it stucks in "reading applied patches.. Please wait..". I uninstalled mini militia and mod too then also the results same. I gave root permission to mod.

  9. Why its taiking slow to read ......this version takes slow please say......what i should do....

  10. I have liked u on facebook but it is not coming yet n i refreshed also plz give me the hack

  11. My game is crashing whenever i try to start the game in custom..i'm playing on moto g4 there a problem with an update or my phone?

  12. Bro its stuck on reading applied patches ! Previous version wirked fine! Please help ..

  13. How do i activate the live patcher buddy. The 'R' logo for live patching is not popping up.

  14. Bhai jab ao tab kahata ha you need to unlock this download via any option shown blow.......... Plz fix them

  15. Screen is stuck on reading applied patches

  16. Its just showing reading applied patches and doesn't goes ahead how much time this live version takes ?

  17. When I had granted the root permission to the toggle mode it says reading applied patches please wait it had take 1 hour but it has not completed yet please help me

  18. Bro..bullets are not working.enemies not dieng at all

  19. Its actually like no bullet is coming out off gun

  20. Bro..bullets are not working.enemies not dieng at all

  21. It is taking to much of time'Reading applied patches...
    Please wait...

  22. Bro return pro pack plz plz plz bro

  23. What the hell reading only since I downloaded the mod... Reading the pach

  24. It is osm mod shihab thanks for this mod

  25. Its not working.stuck on reading applied patches. Nougat 7.1

  26. I used v31.0 of toggle mod and v3.0.136 of mini militia. But it only gives a lot of sniper and primary weapon. I want to take all kinds of weapons. Please, help me to solve this problem by a live video with prove.

  27. Sir,can you please mod PES 17 gold and credit, please.

  28. Hiii...I am Sahel ....I am requesting 1 game....Can u make it or mode it....???I need clash of clans modded...Not privet server

  29. I waiting for this kind of mod bro. This is working absolutely fine in my non rooted device. will you please update the app with material design.

  30. Nice toggle mod but it is not good enough something is missing that is pro pack hack plz add this feature in u next live version plz.......

    1. Bhai tujhe download link kha se mili mene gmail pr share kr diya aayi hi nhi link

  31. Hey I shared on Google+ now what to do

  32. Still crashing me when playing in any lobby after the count down starts..

  33. hey I am just stuck at reqding applied patches.
    Left it but still stuck at that even after 30 mins.
    Used to work perfectly on previous versions!
    Please help...


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