Toggle Mod Live COMBO v39.2 - Android 8.0+ Oreo Support, Fixed Reading Patches Bug, Other Bug Fixes - Awesome Game Features - Mini Militia v4.0.42 - WORKS ON MULTIPLAYERS

Hey Militians,

Shihab here. It's been a while since there's been an update for our Toggle Mod series for the game Mini Militia. I apologize for the delay, as I was diagnosed with series of health conditions, that am gradually recovering from.

Hope you're doing good, read ahead revealing the features and bug fixes.

UPDATE - 20/02/2017
Hey, I've released a new update, versioned 40.0 with some jaw dropping features and bug fixes, supports Mini Militia v4.0.42.
Already a Toggle Mod COMBO user?

Then just open the application, you'll be greeted with an update notification. Or, just use the below link to grab it.

This version of Toggle Mod 39.2 for Mini Militia v4.0.42 contains some mind blowing in-game features, and bug fixes in app, that you all have been waiting for...

This is also Toggle Mod LIVE COMBO v39.0 works in all devices both ROOTED and NON ROOTED. It supports Mini Militia v4.0.42.

Enough chit-chats, let's jump in.

By the way, belated Valentine's day ;)

Support for the previous versions of Toggle Mod has been discontinued. So it's highly important to update with this app. Any complaints to prior versions of Toggle Mod would not be accepted. If you're installing a COMBO edition release over an old release, then you must un-install the previous application before updating.


Make sure to install the original Mini Militia game binary from the playstore. The game would certainly crash, if you try to patch over a modified game binary.

New In-App Modifications

  • Added Support to Oreo (Android 8.0)+ devices - Now you can enjoy the application in the latest version of Android.
  • Optimizations - Made a lots of optimisations, now the app is smooth and better than ever.

Bug Fixes

  • Reading Patches Bug - Fixed a bug in the back-end c++ code which caused some file reading problems in some devices ultimately ending up in a Reading Patches loop, rendering the app unusable. (This is still a beta bug fix, if you're facing issues feel free to contact me)
  • Fixed Unlimited Flying Power bug.
  • Fixed a bug which crashed the application in Android Oreo plus devices when pressing the Nail It button.
  • Fixed an internal patching bug.
  • Fixed game crash when pressed Zoom button.
  • Fixed game crash after the countdown.
  • Fixed a bug in no root which removes all weapons from the player if not selected from the weapons list.

Tournament Update

As we're re-grouping our internal team, we're currently put a hold on the event. We've received more that 400 plus applications. Applicants do not need to be worried, the event will soon take place.

How to install? - (For root users)

  1. Download the app from the Downloads section below.
  2. Install the downloaded "" file.
  3. Open the application and select the features you want and press the "Patch" button.
  4. Now click "Launch Game - LIVE" button.
  5. After the game has been launched, you may select other features and patch without having to restart the game each and everytime you select a feature.

How to install? - (For non root users)

  1. Download the app from the Downloads section below.
  2. Install the downloaded "" file.
  3. Make sure you have already installed the latest game "Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2". It is version 4.0.42, at the time of writing.
  4. Now open the game at least once. Just quit after seeing the home screen.
  5. Open the "Toggle Mod" app.
  6. Just press the button "Patch", then sit back and relax, until the whole operation completes. It would take around 1-5 minutes, according to your device's performance.
  7. Now, you would be asked for replacing the installed game app. Make sure you have already took a recent backup of your game before proceeding with this.
  8. Just press the button "Nail it!", and press "Un-install" and the "Install".
  9. That's it. Now press button "Launch Game", back in the app and enjoy the gameplay ;).

Do you have anything new to suggest for an upcoming toggle mod?
Then feel free to post your suggestion at our forum linked below.



Thank you all for being in such a good sport. Keep requesting things, am always happy to fulfill your request whilst being free of cost. If you think, I deserve a kudos for my work, then feel free to donate here.

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  1. Its is stopped before nail it ???

    1. As we've already talked, am working on a bug fix.

  2. Hey unlimited Boost is not working with the latest version. Fix that ASAP Dude

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for reporting the bug, am working on it.

    2. Crazy, that was fast. Found some more bugs, No Reload is also not workin and there is lil issue with the infinite range thingy like it's activated but it's not showing the tick mark once the app is reloaded, if you know what I'm saying. Please try fixing that too.

  3. Isnot working for me!Game Crashes after being patched on the new update! Please Fix!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Please say When you unlock Pro Pack and add unlimited Battle points.

  6. Game was not start, its stopped... please fix this

  7. 39 was better/smoother for me than 39.1. Anyways thank you for your hard work :)

    1. Just released 39.2, it will be smoother than that ;)

  8. Please say when you Unlock Pro pack and add unlimited Battle points.

  9. Replies
    1. Just to decrease the number of bug reporters, you know what I mean.

  10. 39.1 & 39.2 Same Not working doesn't open...
    Please Repair it.

  11. 39.1 & 39.2 Same, Not working
    Please Repair it
    And do add a new Feature...

  12. Hii bro
    Know me your old Fan Mohit
    Please enable pro pack bro it's a toggle mod of mini militia for players who play hack and a hack is not complete when it don't have pro pack.So plz enable pro pack AFAP.

  13. I am connected from RT4U since a year and used first toggle mod 13.0 and it is 39.2 now but stop using it from that day when u removed pro pack bro plz enable pro pack

  14. Thanks for fixing the reading applied patch but still the app is unusable for me reasons 1) i can't select most of the mods for example custom platform i can't select the ios symbol even if i tap on 50 times it won't select it 2) i can select some mods example sniper everywhere but after clicking on patch save and launch live the game starts with an error toggle mod have been stooped and mods that i have selected won't won't work in main game Btw i im on 8.1 oreo rooted if you can't understand what i trying to say give me yours whatsapp or kik id I'll send video on it.

  15. I want to problem in my phone for playing the game at firing time, My Mobile model redmi A1, please solve bmy problem as possible as soon

  16. I haveface problem in my mobile for firing on the time when playing game,my mobile model no - MiA1.Plz solve my problem as soon as possible.

  17. I want to problem in my phone for playing the game at firing time, My Mobile model redmi A1, please solve bmy problem as possible as soon

  18. I can't able to open it. Beacoes it sey notification Recuired And I Can't able to pass it...

  19. Hi shihab.Im Vignesh and I love your toggle mod But I am sad that your mod can only work with mini militia having armeabi-v7 lib file But my phone is Samsung galaxy y having armv6 architecture and my mini militia too.So I kindly request you to
    Release toggle mod supporting mini militia having armv6(armeabi) lib.I hope you will kindly look forward to this email [email protected].

    Thank you
    Vignesh r nair

  20. I am not able to download plz if u can give me direct link plz provide it fast

  21. I can open the app , it saying update the rt4u app i press the update button, after open google play, and showing minimilitia game lobby, plz fix this bug

  22. We need update of togggle mod of doodle army 2 of v4.3.0 as soon as possile ..


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