Global Mini Militia Tournament - Intense & Immense Gaming Experience at an International Level - RT4U

Global Mini Militia Tournament conducted by RT4U.

It's been quite a long time since this game has been a hit on play store. Lots of players playing whole day and night with friends and strangers. Few of you are now seriously expert in this game. Tough you were playing anonymously without any recognition of your skill as there's not much enough exposure for you to be shown in such a platform to play for a Title Championship. So, we thought to globalize your superiority in this game and reward you for your extraordinary skills you possess in this game.




Wo lalla, hey Militians it's time to show off your skills to this world. RT4U is providing a never before platform to make this festive season more pleasurable by arranging a Mini Militia championship at Global level. Here's your chance to get beyond the boundary & play at intense level with world class players.

Cool & exciting prizes are waiting for the Championship Title winner along with the honor of becoming the 1st ever RT4U's Title winner.
To participate in this global event, you should register at our forum.

Click here to register at our forum.

Once registration is completed, you should verify the email. Once, everything is setup, follow the below link to submit your Tournament Participant application.

Let's take a look on the set of rules that participants have to follow in the game:

1. Every patch should be from Toggle mod only (Use latest version of Toggle mod).
2. Features like Invisible, Fly though walls, No kill counter, Never die by Explosion, Ultra Speed Mod & Unlimited health are not allowed.
3. -1 point from total score if you kill the game host/refree.
4. Every match is a knockout match.
5. No abusive words in match. (or you will be booted)
6. Game host's decision is final.
7. If anyone caught cheating, they will be booted and the opponent will be declared as the winner.
8. In case of a tie, the contestant which has least number of deaths will be declared as winner.
9. Each game will be played for 5 minutes of time.
10. In case of server related problem (any participant or game host loose the connection) match will be rescheduled.
11. If someone left the room while trailing by a big margin, opponents will be declared as winner unless you reach us with proper reason & proof.

Hurry rush now to our forum before we wind up the registration process.

NOTE - Registrations are open until further notice.

We've a vast number of help portals opened for you. Feel free to contact us, or just comment here.
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  1. Як раніше було зайти в міні міліцію через Toddle Mod COMBO 42.0??!!!??

  2. Good app, and interesting, improve more

  3. Toggle Mod COMBO for MM - RevealedTricks 4U. com, its a good app

  4. I am having problem with notify me


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