Toggle MOD LIVE v1.0 for 8 Ball Pool v4.0.0 - Unlimited Magic / Infinite Guideline, Insane Cue Power, Invisible Aiming / Hide Aim Movements - WORKS ON MULTIPLAYERS - ROOT/NO ROOT

Hello friends,

It's been a loooong time, since you guys have heard from me. As my usual statement goes, everything I release will definitely worth your wait.

Before I start this pretty long post, I'd like to thank all the followers, fans and supporters of RT4U and wish you all a very happy Friendship Day.

So, let's consider this release of Toggle Mod v1.0 for 8 Ball Pool v4.0.0 as a special one for every friendship out there. And, no, am not just gonna start this out without mentioning how excited you guys were, to see this release of Toggle Mod for 8 Ball Pool with awesome stunning features first on the internet.

Features like Unlimited Magic / Infinite Guideline, Insane Cue Power, Invisible Aiming / Hide Aim Movements is a boon for an ordinary 8 Ball Pool player, as this would increase their game play skills throughout their 8 Ball Pool career.

Oh wait, this version of Toggle Mod for 8 Ball Pool will work for both ROOTED and NON ROOTED devices

And, YOU, you're a lucky champ to find this precious mod right now. So don't forget to share this with your friends in this special day. Bring a smile on your friends' faces and make them happy ;)

If you've any queries regarding this app feel free to shoot a mail to admin [at] Also you could join our Telegram group and report any problems there. Another important thing is, if you're a non root user, before pressing the Nail it! button make sure you remember your logged in 8 ball pool account, as it would require you to uninstall and reinstall the modded game.


WARNING - Make sure to install the original 8 Ball Pool game binary from the playstore. The game would certainly crash, if you try to patch over a modified game binary.

Mindblowing Game Features

  • Unlimited Magic / Infinite Guideline
    Your cue guideline will be extended so that you can easily pot the balls.
  • Insane Cue Power
    You'll get an unlimited amount of cue power, hitting the ball in ultra speed. (WORKS best in offline mode)
  • Invisible Aiming / Hide Aim Movements
    Your aim movements will be invisible to your opponent. Your opponent will only see after you hit the ball not your movements.

How to install? - (For root users)

  1. Download the app from the Downloads section below.
  2. Install the downloaded "" file.
  3. Open the application and select the features you want and press the "Patch" button.
  4. Now click "Launch Game - LIVE" button.
  5. After the game has been launched, you may select other features and patch without having to restart the game each and everytime you select a feature.

How to install? - (For non root users)

  1. Download the app from the Downloads section below.
  2. Install the downloaded "" file.
  3. Make sure you have already installed the latest game "8 Ball Pool". It is version 4.0.0, at the time of writing.
  4. Now open the game at least once. Just quit after seeing the home screen.
  5. Open the "Toggle Mod" app.
  6. Just press the button "Patch", then sit back and relax, until the whole operation completes. It would take around 1-5 minutes, according to your device's performance.
  7. Now, you would be asked for replacing the installed game app. Make sure you have already took a recent backup of your game before proceeding with this.
  8. WARNING  - Before proceeding, you'll lose all your game data if you haven't registered an account with miniclip. So caution before proceeding
  9. Just press the button "Nail it!", and press "Un-install" and the "Install".
  10. That's it. Now press button "Launch Game", back in the app and enjoy the gameplay ;).



Thank you all for being in such a good sport. Keep requesting things, am always happy to fulfill your request whilst being free of cost. If you think, I deserve a kudos for my work, then feel free to donate here.

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    1. Link fixed, it was caused by the URL shortener service. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  2. Bro please make a toggle mod for pubg mobile

    1. My next focus is on that. Be excited and subscribed for the update ;)

    2. it is very difficult to make toggle for PUBG... as they are patching and providing security updates almost every week...but keep ur finger crossed we might come up with an toggle mod for it

    3. Bro nigalk kallikanpattunu do

  3. Can't login with Facebook or Google,how am I supposed to get my profile back?

    1. I am afraid, that has nothuno to do with this mod. Please contact Miniclip support

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