Wireless MIC Advanced - An Advanced App to Convert Your Android Phone's Microphone as a Wireless MIC - Receiver Supports Windows, Linux, Mac...

Hey there,

Today I've released the most advanced microphone app named as "Wireless MIC Advanced" in-short "WSMA", which has the capability to convert your Android Phone's Mic as a wireless mic for various purposes with receivers for Windows, Linux, MAC, etc...

And yes, this is my first application to go live on Google's PlayStore, so please bear with me, if there's any bugs before rating the application.

I am gonna start out from explaining the usage, basic stuffs and the main modules comes with application package.

Uses of WSMA

The way we could use this application is broad, some of the basic usages are listed below.
  • For Fun
    Come on, that's all we wanted, you could prank your friends or families by setting up a speaker connected to your computer with our receiver app in it. Now you're the king, speak through the app and prank the hell out of 'em.
    P.S - I am not a good prankster, you know what to do ;)
  • As an ordinary Wireless Mic
    As you know this app is real-time, you could use this app as a Wireless Microphone, so that your Android device acts as a wireless mic, for various purposes such as, in a singing competition, in a arena, in an announcement stage, etc...
  • Critical Logging Operations
    You may use it for wireless voice logging purposes, as the receiver app contains "Auto Save" feature.
Lots of other use cases, you could just imagine.

Everything in a nutshell

The package comprises of two modules,

  1. WSMA Sender / Transmitter (Android)
  2. WSMA Receiver (Windows, Linux, Mac)

WSMA Sender / Transmitter

Wireless MIC Advanced Aka WSMA Sender app would record the real time microphone audio and transmits to the connected receiver over a network. The network can be made off creating a hotspot, connecting to a Wi-Fi network, connecting through a USB established network, etc...

Features - v1.0.0

  • Broadcast System
    No need of remembering IP addresses, the app has a unique broadcast system, which is able to find all the receivers over the connected network.
  • Real-Time Data Transmission
    Transmits microphone data real-time to the connected receiver, without a single lag, and without stressing the network.
  • Real-Time Notification
    Every application moments are notified as a notification on your status bar. And also even if you swipe your app off the recents list, it would uninterruptedly transmits the audio.
  • Microphone Boost
    You could control the volume of Mic, so that higher the boost value, longer the distant voice you could hear from.
    NOTE - Consider using it in a moderate value, if else it may cause higher distortions and noise on the receiving end.
  • Shake To Start/Stop Transmission
    Just shake your device to start or stop the audio transmission.
  • Shake Sensitivity
    You could change from less sensitive to highly sensitive whilst listening for shake events.
  • Hide Notification Icon / Hide Notification whilst the screen is locked
    By enabling this on Settings screen, the real-time notification icon shown on the status bar would be hidden and it also hides the notification whilst the screen is locked.
  • Custom Ports
    Sometimes the default port 8888 would be acquired by some other application in your system. So I've added an option to change the port number, as shown in your receiver application.

WSMA Receiver

For now, WSMA Receivers are available for most of the operating systems, which supports JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

Some of the known supported operating systems are Windows, Linux, Mac, Ubuntu, etc...

For now, there's no Android app which can be used as a receiver, but be assured, I'll make one soon.

Features - v1.0.0

  • Mute Functionality
    This is an essential feature, which could mute the real-time audio playing in.
  • Auto Save with Time Intervals
    Automatically saves the received audio, between each specified interval from 1 minute to 1 hours.
  • Detailed Information System
    Techies could use this to determine packet level or feature level identification.
  • Custom ports
    As discussed in the sender part, you could customize the port number here, which then should be changed in the sender part, for the sender to identify the receiver over the network.
  • Output Audio Format Selection
    You could download the .wav version and .mp3 version separately from the Downloads section.
    .wav version
    .wav files are raw audio files, you could use these file to analyse the audio data and do forensic operations later. But, the drawback is, it needs more hard drive space.
    As Java contains internal system to make wav files, the program space would decrease a lot.

    .mp3 version
    .mp3 files are usually compressed, which could be later transferred and used by ordinary users for just hearing the recorded audio. And it doesn't require much hard drive space. The only drawback is program size would increase, as Java doesn't support internal conversion of MP3, so had to use an external library for this purpose.
  • Auto Save at each disconnection and exits
    When the Auto Save option is enabled, it would automatically saves the received audio after each end of the connection and app exits.

How to use?

Believe me, this is the most easiest usable software, which is made for ordinary to no-vice users. Anyway, for the sake of it, I'll explain the process step by step ;)
  1. Download the WSMA Sender app from PlayStore, link is listed in the Downloads section.
  2. Download the WSMA Receiver app for your specific OS from the Downloads section.
  3. Download JRE (Java Runtime Environment) v1.7 or above from the Downloads section.
    NOTE - You may ignore downloading this, if you've already installed it.
  4. Install the downloaded JRE.
  5. Now open the WSMA Receiver app, if you're a Windows user, I've already made a executable, all you wanna do is, just double click.

    For Non-Windows User
    A) Open your Terminal application, it depends upon the OS you're using.
    B) Now use the "cd" command to navigate to the folder, in which the receiver .jar file resides.
         Example - cd /home/ShihabSoft/Downloads
    C) Now simply execute this command
         chmod 777 "WSMA_Receiver.jar"
    D) This is the last command to execute, which would run the application.
         java -jar "WSMA_Receiver.jar"
    NOTE - The filename may change according to different versions, so please make sure to enter the correct file name.
  6. Now, connect your devices over any network you choose, you may turn on the hotspot on your mobile and connect the PC to it or vice-versa.
  7. Install the WSMA Sender app in your Android device, then click open it from the Launcher.
  8. You don't have to do much on the welcome screen, you may enable or disable some features, and make sure to enter the control port as shown in the WSMA Receiver app, then click on "Let's get started" button.
  9. Now, you could see a Search screen, which would lists all the active WSMA Receivers over the network.
  10. Just select any one receiver, if everything goes as planned, it will take you to the main screen, there you could start/stop transmission, change receiver, etc...
Hurray! That's it, now you could have fun with the application, feel free to tinker with it.


WSMA Sender

  • Download from PlayStore - Just uploaded, it would take around 2-3 hours to be live. I apologize, if the link doesn't work.

WSMA Receiver for Windows

WSMA Receiver for Non-Windows OS'es

Java Runtime Environment

Thank you all for being in such a good sport. Keep requesting things, am always happy to fulfill your request whilst being free of cost. If you think, I deserve a kudos for my work, then feel free to donate here.

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  1. Congrats Shihab for developing your first ever application. Wishing a good luck on entering the section of developing applications. Expecting more amazing articles and contents from you...

    1. Hi Mufeed,

      Thanks for your nice comment. Not my first application, but the first application to be released on PlayStore ;)

  2. I just need to record with it ... can I ?

    1. Of course you can. Just start transmitting, mute the receiver and set a Auto-Save time in the receiver side. That's all ;)

  3. Bro mini militia latest version crashed when I try to zoom

  4. Hey, can I use this for gaming?
    How to disable the audio? I don't wanna listen to myself speaking..

  5. Hey, can I use this for gaming?
    How to disable the audio? I don't wanna listen to myself speaking..

    1. This app won't emulate microphone for your PC. It acts as a wireless microphone which it transfers the live audio to PC, finally to the speakers connected to it.

  6. Hey, can I use this for gaming?
    How to disable the audio? I don't wanna listen to myself speaking..

  7. Is it possible to connect more than one microphone/smartphone?

    1. Simultaneous microphone connections are not implemented for now. But it will be added as a new feature in the future.

  8. Is there some way to use it on Skype or games like CS:GO?

  9. I would like to connect 8 microphones and mix them. Can I do that?

  10. Plz help me as u have helped others...my app is not able to detect the receiver..both of my devices are connected to a same wifi connection with my pc usb tetheŕed to my android...coz my pc dont support wifi..but internet is working....my ports are same too...i dont know y its not working

    1. Will soon add a manual IP entry option.

  11. Where´s the link to the Receiver?

    1. Just at the end of the post, download what variant you want.

  12. I set it up got it installed I can hear it coming from my pc it echos and when I mute it I couldn't hear it I tried to use it to talk to people on skype and tinychat :( I have my pc hooked up thru my tv using a hdmi and gtx 970 :(

    1. This app won't emulate microphone for your PC. It acts as a wireless microphone which it transfers the live audio to PC, finally to the speakers connected to it.

  13. Nice work!
    Would appreciate a (paid?) option to eliminate/mute ads.
    Sound quality is otherwise good enough to use for speech recognition (DNS)
    Good luck with the AndroidToAndroid version.

  14. I have the sender and receiver but still didnt work, what can I do?

  15. Hiii shihab i was thinking to make a video and post on youtube , on your permission

    1. Hey Abishek,

      Feel free to do so. But link to this post instead of providing direct download link.

  16. I want to use this as mic in in a software "guitar rig" . As this doesnt' show as any mic in device i can't select from the interface. any suggetions ?

    1. Hey Shafiz,

      This app won't emulate microphone for your PC. It acts as a wireless microphone which it transfers the live audio to PC, finally to the speakers connected to it.

  17. Hi therem can it be used as Skype microphone ?

    1. Hey Danish,

      Nope it's not possible, unless you have stereo mix.


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