How To Direct Download Any Torrent Or Magnet Link As a Direct Link From Your Favorite Download Manager

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NOTE - This is just for educational purpose, and not encouraging any kind of illegal torrent downloads.

It's just a cumbersome process when it comes to downloading a torrent or a magnet URI, especially if the torrent you're about to download has a low number of seeds and leeches.

Well, technically no one could download a torrent with low number of seeds, as the files residing under the torrent are split into parts and being shared one by one.

But, wait? What about if you have a low internet speed, and don't wanna miss downloading the torrent when the seeds are available. Well, there comes this article as a rescue.

Now, you could just grab the torrent or magnet URI by copying it and pasting it into one of the torrent caching websites listed below to get a direct download link.

Torrent Caching Websites

The above list could go a day long, as there are numerous free torrent caching services available on the internet as of 2017.

Ahem, did I miss something in the above list? Well, yes. It's Seedr -

Even though the above mentioned torrent caching services are pretty good, but those have their own limitations like,

In case of Direct Torrents, it pretty much allows any kind of torrent but the site is spammed with advertisements, like you cannot even stand on for a second before getting smashed with pop up advertisements.

In-case of ZbigZ, they are providing a good service, but with limited amount of speed and the torrent size limit is pretty low, as of my last visit, it was 1 GB.

Well, I could go on, explaining their demerits when comparing with Seedr, but if Seedr didn't work for you, you should give the above services a try.

My personal pick would be Seedr, because of it's blazing fast torrent caching service and file management system, and for free users they have a 2 GB torrent file size limitation.

So, everything said and done, let's continue with the steps on how to use their service.

Steps To Convert a Torrent Or Magnet URI to Direct Link

  • First off, before proceeding you should make an account at Seedr. It's pretty easy to sign up, you may use your Facebook account to sign up instead of typing in each and every field in the sign up form. Or the other way, just fill up the form in a traditional way.
  • Once you're done creating the account, just login to your account and follow the steps below.
  • On the top part of the page, you would see a + "add" icon, on the left side, you would see a text box asking to paste the torrent URL. If you're in a mobile browser, you just see the + "add" icon, click on it, then it would reveal the hidden text box to paste the torrent URL.

  • Over there, you could paste the direct link to .torrent file you wanted to download or just copy the magnet URI and paste it there. Once everything is done, just click the add icon to start the caching process.
  • Once the caching process is over, you would see a folder with the contents of the torrent in it. Now you may download the entire content by just right clicking and pressing the Download option (It would zip the files and give you the download link to a zip file). If you want to download some specific files, just click open the folder and download the files you want. This is where Seedr really rocks, because none other sites provides this file management service.
  • One another unique speciality of Seedr is, it allows the downloading of files from the generated URLs from anywhere in this world, not just limited to the user who have generated the download link. The main benefit is, you could just copy the download link and share it with your friends, acting as a central hotspot, letting them download the file without going through the hassle of all the steps above.
Well, that's pretty much folks, feel free to share this article, if you've liked it and definitely comment your suggestions in the comments section below.

Happy downloading :) 
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  1. Good Post Bro. I think it can also boost the torrent speed when we caching like this..

    1. Hey Sartaj, of course it will. Mostly it's instantaneous.

  2. Eh cool, now dont stop uploading articles, I deserve more ��

  3. I'm using seedr for more than an year now and its the best one out there

    1. Hey Jude,

      Ya I can feel you, the awesomeness of their service :)


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