Amazing Blazing Fast Sudoku Solver for Windows,Linux,Mac,etc by Shihab

I know every 85% of newspaper readers are so fond of the most popular game named "SuDoKu" originally called as "Number Place".So for those people,i have developed a wonderful java application that solves any complex Sudoku puzzles,blazing fast within seconds.

The most important peculiarity of the application is its portability and simplicity and the key point "fast".

Just download the application and double click to open it on Windows,Mac OSX,Linux,Solaris,etc.

What is SuDoKu?
Sudoku (数独 sūdoku?, Digit-single) Listeni/suːˈdoʊkuː/, /-ˈdɒ-/, /sə-/; originally called Number Place, is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that compose the grid (also called "boxes", "blocks", "regions", or "sub-squares") contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid, which for a well-posed puzzle has a unique solution.

Example of SuDoKu puzzle

Solution - 

Steps to use the application

  • Download Sudoku Solver.jar(35.2 kb) from my personal cloud.(It has no spy coding or virus embedded with it.And iam the developer of the program.You can ask anything to me about this program through comments).
  • Download JAVA Runtime Environment for your Operation System.
  1. Download JRE 8 for Windows(32 bit)
  2. Download JRE 8 for Windows(64 bit)
  3. Download JRE for Mac OSx
  4. Download JRE for Linux(64 bit)
  5. Download JRE for Linux(32 bit)
  • After installing the Java Runtime Environment successfully,Go and Double Click on the Sudoku Solver application.
  • Now enter the SuDoKu puzzle on the corresponding cells like below.In this case i am entering the World's most hardest sudoku puzzle by Arto Inkala, a Finnish mathematician, and is specifically designed to be unsolvable to all but the sharpest minds.My program is far more better than a sharpest mind :).
  • Now just click the Solve button and see the magic.
  • Resolved the world's most hardest and nearly impossible puzzle within a fraction of second :).
NOTE* - My algorithm solves the puzzle within a fraction of second.But for the sake of some eye catchy stuffs.I just animated filling the grids.

  • To restart just press the Clear button.
Hope you had a wonderful tool for cracking SuDoKu puzzle within a fraction of second.

Iam so happy to receive your donations.Please contact me by clicking here.

Comment boxes are always waiting for your keyboard taps.
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