How to run a PHP Script forever


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php script timeout or php script run forever

Today i am gonna help some PHP developers want to run their server tireless with a PHP script.Its just an easy work around,so that the script will work out forever until a Fatal error or something happened.

What will you face without using this work around?

Yes it's simple.You will just get an error stating.

Fatal error : Maximum execution of 30 seconds exceeded.

The php's default maximum execution time is 30 seconds.

How to bypass the time restriction with just a single line of code or a function call?


ini_set('set_time_limit', 0);//Time limit is set to zero. That means infinite.


ini_set('set_time_limit',1800);//Time limit is set to 1800 seconds ie, 30 minutes.


That's it you can make your php script run forever or for a limited amount of time.

Here is an advise,please code your script properly.So that it may end in an unwanted end loop.

For ever PHP scripts are mostly used in realtime web applications.

Enjoy coding...
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