How to stream a video torrent through VLC Media Player

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Iam back with a wonderful trick that you can solve this problem "How to stream a video torrent" in your day to day torrenty life.

A torrent file is a small computer file allowing a computer user with a BitTorrent client to locate tracker computers, to locate other client computers of the peer-to-peer file sharing network with copies of parts of a large file or wanting parts of that large file, to get a copy of that large file in pieces from wherever it may be found across that global internet or to share what pieces the user has, reciprocally.


  1. Any video torrent file or a magnet URI.
  2. VLC Media Player( or any other video player you prefer,can able to stream from URLs).
  3. Bittorrent or uTorrent.

Steps on "How to stream a video torrent through VLC Media Player"
After the boring days through out my coding life.At last ended up searching some movies on internet pleasuring up and cooling up myself.But the hell comes out,the minimum size of a 720p movie is starting from 500mb to gbs.So my mind got hunting me,whispering against me do you wanna wait for this video to be downloaded.At last i started searching up through torrent software finding a way to stream the video file that iam downloading.At last i have found a thing that can make the movie watch while it is still downloading unbelievably through my favourite VLC Media Player.I started streaming just away from the 20% of downloading.

  • Install all the prerequisties.
  • Now after a successfull installation,download a video torrent file that contains any type of video.
  • Go open the torrent file with Bittorrent or uTorrent.
  • After you started getting the peers connected and started downloading at a standard speed,when you reach an approximate of 10% or 15%(According to the video file size)(It is because the minimum of video headers to be downloaded,so that VLC can understand what type of video is and frames,etc),continue below.
  • Go and click the torrent file you are downloading.(Filenames are hidden for my own security :))
  • Now go and click on the Files tab.
  • Select any video file you are downloading with that torrent file and Right Click it and click on the Copy Stream URL.
  • Hurray now you hold the video streamable URL on your clipboard.
  • Now go to VLC Media Player and Click on Media and Click Open Location from Clipboard else just press CTRL+V when the VLC media player is in focus.
  • Now on the upcoming message box just press OK and start enjoying the movie while you are still downloading from the torrent.
  • If you are using an older version of VLC Media Player you won't see an option for opening an URL from the clipboard.So you want to do this.Click Media and Click Open Network Stream(CTRL+N) and paste the URL into the textbox and Click Play like below.

Hope you enjoy the movie while you are still downloading it from the torrent file with your favourite video player.

Don't forget to take some popcorn before start watching the movie.

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  1. Can you help me figure out how to play torrent files on VLC?
    When I do Media>Open File > my torrent files don't even appear (I'm looking in the right place). I can only get the to appear by selecting "show all files" in the file selection dropdown. Then when I do select them, nothing happens in VLC.

    I can play torrent files fine my my Vuze player, but not HEVC or MKV files - which is why I tried VLC. I can play other files in VLC like MP4s or DVDs.

    I've gone through all the documentation on VLC and can't figure it out. (I have the most recent version of VLC 2.2.4) I must be missing something obvious. Can you help?

    1. Well, you can't just select a .torrent file and start playing through VLC. As I've mentioned in the post, after starting the movie download in Bittorrent. Just get the streamable URL and then use that URL with VLC to stream while the movie is still downloading.

    2. Thank you so much for replying quickly. I greatly appreciate it.

      Unfortunately, I can't get this to work. I have 3 different torrent clients. Vuze, Bittorent and utorrent. None of them have a "copy stream url" option.
      Instead they have:
      - Copy Magnet URI (Bittorent and UTorrent) -> looks like:

      - Copy URL to clipboard (Vuze) -> looks like HTTP://

      Neither of these works as described when I choose "open location from clipboard"

      (windows 10 environment).

      Do you have any further suggestions?

      Everything I google about VLC indicates that I should be able to play torrent files in VLC, but I am completely stumped as to how to make that happen.

      many thanks!

    3. Sorry for the late reply.

      Yes, the ultimate URL looks like this "HTTP://", it's the URL created by your torrent software, which enables VLC to stream the downloading video content from the torrent software. If that didn't work. Then I suggest you to disable your anti-virus, or just add an exception for the port number 55801 in your firewall and in your anti-virus(If firewall is activated).

  2. TOO. FUCKING. COMPLICATED. But thanks, you're a great guy to offer the tutorial.

    1. It's easy as hell, but the tutorial is more briefed just for you guys, that makes you think, it is complicated.

  3. does it enables us to skip forward the video as we like?

    1. It depends upon your internet mate. You could skip upto the part where your torrent file has downloaded.


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