How to debug a service in Android(Even if it is an isolated process)

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Yes i know its been a heck,when it comes to debug a service started using startService or may be at boot time or from any kind of invokers.Especially one may be creating a service that do a lot of work such as heavy image decoding or video editing or file downloading or file uploading or heavy processor eating process,they are so happy seeing android does anything that they to tell to him until they android refuses and they caught up in an error.There comes the way for debugging.

But wait.Is it possible to debug a service.?

Answer is simple,Yes it is.

Steps on How to debug an android service?

When i am writing this post,i am using Eclipse as my Android Toolkit for developing purposes.But this tutorial is not just mentioned for eclipse.But for any integrated development environment out there available in the market.

  • Not more not less.Its just a case of adding a single line of code to start debugging your service,it gives you the knowledge of your precious app's working and helps to get live error reports line by line as debugging just android GUI application.
  • Just add the code snippet below into your service's onStart or onCreate or where do in the code you want to debug.

  • The above piece of code will do the magic.Just put your break point after the above code like this.

Key Points :- 

  1. Don't forget to debug the app not just running the application.
  2. Please place the waitForDebugger code snippet before the break point you have placed,so that it can caught up.

Enjoy debugging your precious intensive service.

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