How to track peoples location in Omegle - Stranger Video Chatting

Hey guys,

Its a wonderful moment and the most frighten moment when you hear a stranger speaking out your location and telling you that he is going to come to your place,while you are in a Video Chat in Omegle.

omegle tracing people's location

How its possible?
Yes its possible.As themselves Omegle states that,video chatting with you and other stranger is not filtered and passed to their server,but a direct end to end UDP connection with you and the other stranger.So we have to make some work around to sniff out the IP Address of the stranger and use an IP Tracer online application to find out his/her location.

I am inspired from a youtube channel AskAGangsta,in which the group owner pranks people,acting like some frightening movie characters like Jigsaw killer,Annabelle,etc by speaking out their location and telling them,he gonna reach their home and the people just got freaked out.

I am using a Windows PC,when i am creating this tutorial.


So i decided to teach you guys,

How to track a stranger's location in Omegle while in a video chat?

  • Download Wireshark from prerequesties.
  • Go and install the application,until you get a successfully installed window box.
  • Now open wireshark and select a network adapter that you are now connected the internet to.(In my case i have my Wi-Fi enabled internet connection.So that i have to select WiFi in the list.)
wireshark interface selection

  • Now click on Capture Options and on the new pop up window,make sure you have checked the Use promiscuous mode on all interfaces.
wireshark active promiscuous mode

  • Click on Start button.Its time to track,Goto and start a video chat with a stranger.
  • Wait until you start receiving the video broadcast of the stranger.
  • Please note that you have to keep that stranger on the line with you,because it takes a matter of seconds or even minutes to take down his/her IP address.
  • I will recommend you to have you friend do the rest of the steps,while you are having a conversation with the stranger until your friend finishes the upcoming steps.
  • Now goto wireshark window and on the filter text box,enter "udp" in characters and press the "Enter" key.We have used this filter to filter only the UDP packets flowing through our network adapter.
wireshark enable udp filtering mode
  • Now click on the AutoScroll down button,so that you can see all the packets flowing through without having to play with the scroll bar.
wireshark enabling auto scrolling mode
  • Now have a look on the Source and Destination column.So that you can see your IP Address on the source and the Stranger's IP on the destination vice versa.Have a look at the below picture like the pattern shown below,so that you can understand the correct IP to sniff.Because there may be UDP packets flowing from and to, other than the packets from your video broadcast.So you want to confirm, before taking out the correct IP of the stranger.
omegle sniffing out people's ip over wireshark
  • As you can see on the above,there is a pattern of two IP address exchanging data from and to over the UDP protocol.This pattern will continue until you or the stranger got disconnected.
  • In this case,i know my local IP is and i am sending my video packets to vice versa.In my case the stranger's IP is
  • That's all,now you have the address to the kingdom.:)
  • Now just have an IP lookup or trace.through
  • Now you can surprise the strangers by sneaking into their IP and telling out their approximate location,that makes them wow.If you are genius you can make out something more interesting just with that IP address.(But don't try to harm people).
NOTE :- The above article only can be used for educational purpose or just for fun.I hereby declare that i am not responsible for any damages happened after following this tutorial.
One key point is "The IP you just sniffed out from the stranger is valid even after he got disconnected from omegle until he/she changed his/her IP or reconnected the internet".

Hope you enjoyed each and every piece of this article.
Feel free to ask here,if any doubts.
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  1. Bro Can u give your email id.i think someone is tracking my ip address. I had few things to ask u

    1. Please use the below page to contact me.

  2. How do I do this with text chat?

    1. Text chat should be the same, but I believe it is TCP

    2. Text chat should be the same, but it's TCP, if I remember correctly.

    3. Textchats are send via HTTP Ajax calls which is basically bound on TCP(TransTransmission Control Protocol). As a TCP connection is end to end, we can't intercept an established TCP connection. So you have to do something before the TCP connection get established, by using proxies, VPN which acts as a middle man.

  3. I'm not seeing my IP address, and there are three different ones. I followed all the steps, and I am not using a vpn.

    1. This is a pretty old post, but as far as I know omegle still works as the same it was before. Make sure you are following my steps properly.


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