How to reinstall the Metasploit tool - The advanced penetration tester tool


Its been so annoying fiddling around with msfconsole or msfrpcd always report back errors and at the end reinstall the whole system.

Here i am using kali linux which comes prepacked with those tools.All you have to do is,follow my steps.

  • Some common file missing errors.
  • Some syntax based errors,etc.

Steps to reinstall the Metasploit tool
  • Open Applications->System tools->Administration->Synaptic package manager.
  • Now go and search for metaspl in Synaptic.
  • Click on the checkboxes of each application marked above as in the picture(metasploit,framework2,metasploit-framework) and click "Mark for Reinstallation"
  • Then click apply.
  • After you get a successfull message from synaptic.
  • Now go and try running msfconsole or msfrpcd.
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  1. nice work bro im astounded from your skills, hope you grow faster and get even better....already you are best! BTW! amazing tutorial :) i hope i could donate you but im just a student =)


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