Here's How A College Kid Forced Snapdeal To Sell Him A Gold iPhone 5S For 68 Rupees or 1 dollar!!!

We used to dream to buy an iPhone, but someone fulfills their dream but others still dreaming :(.But here is how a young cham bought an iPHONE 5S for just Rs.68 or around 1 dollar.

There have been times when consumers received bricks instead of smartphones from e-commerce websites. But in this extremely rare case, a student from Punjab university bought an iPhone 5S from Snapdeal for just Rs 68.

Even as social media were agog over the online sale of the so-called cheapest smartphone Freedom 251, Nikhil Bansal, an engineering student, managed to grab an iPhone at a discount of 99.7%.

The original cost of the gold iPhone 5S on Snapdeal was Rs 28,999, which after discount came down to Rs 68. But apparently the mentioned discount was a technical error.

Nikhil booked the phone on Feb. 7 and filed a case in a consumer court in Sangrur district of Punjab when the e-commerce website failed to deliver the product. His allegation was that Snapdeal refused to give him the 99.7 per cent discount.

If you think Nikhil is a lucky chap, wait until you know what the court ordered Snapdeal to do.

The court not only made Snapdeal sell the product for Rs 68, but also to pay a penalty of Rs 2000 to Nikhil for denying him the discount deal.

When Snapdeal challenged the court’s verdict in a higher forum, it ended up in more pain for the e-commerce giant. Snapdeal lost there too and had to pay Rs 10,000 as fine to close the case.

That was a hell of a hit for Snapdeal.

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