[How To]Fix Redmi Note 3 Random Crash and Reboot Problem

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It's been a while, am using ma phone. When I first un-boxed and started using the phone, it was working perfectly. But, after two-three hours of usage, the devil comes, it started randomly crashing and rebooting, I've tried different fastboot roms and custom roms, it was just randomly crashing. Then, I just left the phone charging, for the whole night. On morning, to my amazement, it just started working. It has been around 3 months am using the phone, but the same problem strikes again. Now, I was stuck. First of all, I thought it was battery problem, so I just calibrated the battery by charging it to 100%. But, the problem doesn't seems to change.

I've flashed different types of MIUI rom. The latest one was global beta dev rom 6.9.22, but to no avail, it just randomly reboots at loading screen which shows "Powered by Android" below.

I've tried flashing Resurrection Remix ROM, but it managed to boot up to screen and I can use the phone for a while. But, as I've tried to flash GApps and reboot the phone, but the phone got stuck at Optimizing App (googlesearchbox) and crash reboots.

Then, after a while I thought it was some kind of RAM problem. Because it seems to work once, but not the other time.


Just, find out how I fixed the problem. It's not some kind of magic how-to instructions or software that solves the problem right away.

Steps to fix - When phone is up and successfully booted into OS

  1. If your phone is up, then download the app Battery Drainer from the Downloads section.
  2. Just open the downloaded app.
  3. Select all the option it shows.
  4. Press Start Draining button. It'll take some time to drain the battery out.
  5. Then, keep the phone away, make sure your phone is under Fan or at least a 30 deg celsius below room temperature. Because, it may generate heat.
  6. After around 9-10 hours of full discharging, now connect the phone to your charger which comes with your phone.(NOTE - DON'T USE YOUR LAPTOP OR PC FOR CHARGING)
  7. If the battery is perfectly drained out, you would see a red light blinking for a while, before you get the actual charging screen stating 0%.
  8. As soon as you see the charging screen, just power your phone up by holding the POWER button.

Steps to fix - When phone is down and you can access Fastboot

Make sure you're doing the below steps while just going to your bed or just leave your phone for 9-10 hours. As this process would take longer, when comparing to the above steps.
  1. Just reboot your phone to Fastboot mode by press VOL- and POWER button simultaneously.
  2. Keep pressing until you see the Fastboot screen.
  3. Just follow the steps 5-8 mentioned in the above section of steps.
NOTE - The second series of steps works better than the first one.

What may have caused this issue?

It seems the battery is not calibrated properly, and that caused the problem. Follow the same step, if the same's happening again in the future. (That's what the issue I could find so far).


Now, thank me for saving your hell lot of money for servicing your phone or for a warranty repair ;)

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  1. Will it work for all redmi phones?

    1. Well, am not sure. But it may. Just give it a try ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I just want to say thank you! Your method worked. My battery now last over 24h on standby and the self rebooting problem is gone too!

    1. That's great to here Pegs. Glad it worked out :)

  4. My phone wont boot keeps optimized apps and reboots i reflashef kernel and rom with recovery.. Nothing ffs

    1. Hey I am so sorry for you. If you've tried everything mentioned above or other articles over the internet, then it might be a motherboard problem for your device. Hit the service centre ASAP, if your device is still in warranty.

    2. Hi sorry i forgot to add its a redmi note 3 also snapdragon. I will try the full drain.. Cause i can fix the phone easy factory reset in twrp and it boots. But as soon as i log in to playstore wnd start downloading like 10apps its reboots and get boot loop. 2 time already i tried.. Same happened boots then download some apps and voila reboot in bootloop and dead (i mean it doesn't reboot but it makes all app crash like all apps crash crash so . So yeah its a ram or cache problem cause i mean it boots. I will need to try all your options.. (i was on a other phone) now im using my redmi note 4 and i don't like it. It's slow... Feels low end performance graphics and in speed. The s650 in the note 3 is best.
      Anyway sucks that it keeps crashing...

    3. Ah man, am sorry for what's happening with your phone. Unfortunately, my phone had the same issues, at last I had to entirely dump the phone as it was a motherboard issue. Due to my uninvited curiosity, I'd also void the warranty. Now it's in my shelf, laying dead.


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