The Natural Curve of Enemy's Movement (THE UNPREDICTABILITY) - 4/8 Awesome Techniques to Become a Professional Player in Mini Militia

Have you ever noticed when 2 players spawn together, except one of them spawns a fraction of a second earlier, and he would have moved slightly away?

When this happens, the player would come back to kill the just spawned player in a curvy movement, away from the first player. This is more evident if both are in air. Now I’ll tell you how to get the kill when you spawned earlier or later.

  1. If you spawned earlier, you must assume the other guy knows how you will move. It’s all about unpredictability. DO NOT MOVE AWAY FROM HIM IN A CIRCULAR MOTION. Move towards him and fire mercilessly, and spam melee at the same time. Both of your health will go down fast, but with practise, you will be the man standing. You have another option of moving away and throwing grenades, but you risk exposure to opponent’s (or other player’s) fire.
  2. If you spawned later, and let’s say the opponent follows this curve towards you. All you have to do is improvise in the situation. Aiming for him will not be effective as he will be constantly moving fast. Try to aim slightly ahead of him, keeping in mind the direction he’s moving in. If you do this perfectly, he will be dead before he even gets close to you. If not, you can always melee spam when he’s close enough, but remember that your health will go down too as he will be firing. To reduce damage taken, try to STAY CROUCHED THE WHOLE TIME. Better if you can take cover behind a stone or a section of the wall.

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Don't be shy. Just leave your comments, am so happy to assist you. And, don't forgot that I am such a nice person who you are dealing with :)

Don't be shy. Just, leave your comments. Iam so happy to assist you. And, don't forgot that, I am such a nice person who you are dealing with :)