Toggle Mod v16.0 - Spectacular Features - Magic Health & Magic Flying Power, Unlimited Ammo Fix etc - Mini Militia v3.0.27 - WORKS ON MULTIPLAYERS - My Fans' Special

I know you've been waiting for long time since the last release of Toggle Mod 15.0. As you know, my releases are always worth waiting :D.

Today, am releasing the Toggle Mod v16.0 with 2 Spectacular features and 1 bug fix(all-awaited) works with Mini Militia v3.0.27. Am no longer keeping the suspense.

UPDATE - 17-01-2017 10:58 PM
Support for the previous versions of Toggle Mod has been discontinued. So it's highly important to update with the COMBO edition of Toggle Mod.

UPDATE - 08/01/2017
Here you go for an updated version with awesome features.

Let's go, yeah!!.


v16.0 Features

  • Magic Health Regeneration - Now, you can set the regeneration speed of health on a scale of 2x-6x.
  • Magic Flying Power Regeneration - It is almost as same as the Magic Health feature, but the regeneration speed will be visibly smoother. Check it out yourself :)

v16.0 Updated Features

  • Unlimited Ammo/Bullets - Now you can pick bombs or switch between bombs. And, all other bugs related to this, have been fixed.

v1.0 Removed Features

  • Unlimited Health - You no longer need this, just check out Magic Health feature.
  • Unlimited Flying Power - Just check out Magic Flying Power feature.


NOTE - Make sure to re-install the original game before using this version of mod. It has gone under some serious modifications internally. PATCHING WITHOUT REINSTALLING may cause crashes or other problems.

Hope you're now happy, as the above features are one of those most requested. Thank you all for being in such a good sport. Keep requesting things, am always happy to fulfill your request whilst being free of cost. If you think, I deserve a kudos for my work, then feel free to donate here.

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I am Shihab, people used to call me a Security researcher or sometimes a Reverse engineer or sometimes a creepy hacker ;). Got a brain full of knowledge in different programming languages, and not more nor less I am a blogger too :).
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  1. It still stuck in unlimited loop of "Patching the binary with selected modificatios...". Help me out.
    Minimilitia v 3.0.27
    OS CyanogenMod 13 in Samsung Grand.

    1. Please provide the logs from /sdcard/rt4u/ folder.

    2. Please add laser to all guns it nice to be thanks please add more azing features

    3. Please add later to guns thanks

  2. hi bro
    this is very good
    plz add some more features like
    custom experience

  3. plz don't remove any previous features

  4. add feature like custom flying speed
    i m no root user

  5. hi bro
    plz add some features like
    custom experience
    custom flying power etc
    and don't remove any previous feature of toggle mods
    i love your toggle mods very much for mini militia
    i m your biggest fan ever.
    plz plz plz add features i written above
    plz reply me i m waiting 4 your reply

    1. Hi Mohit,

      Glad to have you as my follower :)

      Custom skill/experience is already in the existing Toggle Mod. And also the custom flying power also there. If you meant Speed Hack, am already working on it.

    2. Can u add custom ranks, lasersight for all weapon, custom melee damage, and aimbot (if possible) if u dont know aimbot is, it automatically aims at the player. U can add this feature if possible.

  6. My phone is rooted even though Patch and save button not doing anything

    1. Please be more specific on what's shown on the screen.

    2. Don't remove the old 2 hacks, I need unlimited flying power, quick regeneration is not a solution

  7. Bro Thank you so much.. I (and EVERYONE in this world) really appreciate taking off unlimited health.. !! Waiting for no-root version. Only last thing we want to be removed is invisible mod which also greatly affects playing..

  8. Bro I suggest you to combine both root & non-root into one

    - It should not be like - if it detects root, it will patch only in root mode, because some people's phone won't be supported and gives infinite loop

    - It should be like - a switch/button at the top indicating users to use either root or non-root method

    I request you to make this feature soon for easy & efficient working for everyone bro

  9. Shihab,
    Thank you for adding these features that I kindly requested and I absolutely appreciate it. Will be waiting for more features and the no root version. :) :)

  10. pls bro commander in chief rank hack

  11. I will stuck on patch and binary save help me

  12. Unlimited Flying Power
    Please not Removed is toggle mod
    Not add Unlimited haeth
    But unlimited flying power is most important mini militia

  13. It was working fine on lollipop but on mokee rom based on nougat it stuck on patching. I have checked log it is showing unknown path everywhere and permission denied on many places. Plz help. I love this mod and cannot wait to play mm

  14. It stucks on patching and patching.
    Here are the logs.

  15. Plzzz make it for non rooted users

  16. Plzzz provide v16.0 for non rooted users

  17. Bro could you add a feache of 10* zoom
    For all guns
    Increase the speed of gun firing in rocket launcher and sniper like ak47

  18. Install lucky patcher and it will modify some root permissions.

  19. hi buddy
    plz add commander in chief feature in your next toggle mod
    and plz release no root version of this toggle mod
    i m waiting for no root version
    i really want commander in chief feature in your next toggle mod
    plz reply me fast i m waiting 4 your reply

  20. hi buddy
    plz add custom ranks feature in your next toggle mod like:-

    1: Private [500 Xp]
    2: Private First Class [500 Xp]
    3: Corporal [500 Xp]
    4: Sergeant [500 Xp]
    5: Staff Sergeant [500 Xp]
    6: Sergeant First Class [500 Xp]
    7: Master Sergeant [500 Xp]
    8: First Sergeant [1000 Xp]
    9: Sergeant Major [1000 Xp]
    10: 2nd Lieutenant [1500 Xp]
    11: 1st Lieutenant [1500 Xp]
    12: Captain [2500 Xp]
    13: Major [2500 Xp]
    14: Lieutenant Colonel [3000 Xp]
    15: Colonel [3000 Xp]
    16: Brigadier General [4000 Xp]
    17::Major General [5000 Xp]
    18: Lieutenant General [6000 Xp]
    19: General [7500 Xp]
    20: General of Army [10000 Xp]
    21: Commander In chief [10000 Xp]

    plz plz plz add custom rank feature in your next toggle mod
    it is the best hack for everyone
    i m your biggest fan
    plz reply me i m waiting for your reply and happy new year in advance
    in new year it is the best gift for your fans
    i m no root user and i love your toggle mods very much

  21. ShShihab ji plzzz help me make long distance ammo

  22. And bro plzz chat me on whatapp to directly i know from you about latest toogle mod plzz bro chat on 8764127033
    And i m your biggest fan

    Thanks you

  23. Only 5x magic health and magic flying power not full 6x health and flying power please update and add unlimited flying power not Removed
    I like toggle mod

  24. bro tell me about the magic health and plzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzz add custom exp that will like everyone as i am a root user and a non root user your mods are always same as root or non root i am waiting for replay

  25. It's taking forever to Patch the selected Hacks.

    It shows -
    "Patching the binary with selected modifications... "

    Please fix it.
    I like your Toggle App, alot.

  26. It keeps saying patching binary
    My phone
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 noble rom s7

  27. I can't send the logs it is too long

  28. I am rooted and after patching and saving. When I press launch game it stops saying mini militia stopped. Help me bro

  29. If you are getting error of unlimited patching time, then you need to put you SELINUX state to permissive, then the problem will be solved in rooted phones

  30. I loved your regeneration mod of life and flying power...but can you please add both regeneration and unlimited life and flying this way player can choose what they want..and keep itup we loved your works..god bless you.

  31. Kindly give a bomb can automatically find the enemy and explode there.....
    Increase blood level 100% to 300%
    Because these regeneration was easily find outed by friends....Aim can be automatically focused on enemy when I click fire it will directly on enemy ....Pls sir give this update ....

  32. Arkadaşlara aynen katılıyorum bir daha ki plz rütbe deneyim hilesi olmalı. Bu arada asphalt 8 için bilgisayarda tranier diye bir program var bunu androide toggle mod olarak yapmarmısın


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