The end of Toggle Mods


Shihab here. Back after a long period of time, around 2+ years have passed to be approximate..

I know I did a grave mistake, that I left this blog and mainly my beloved viewers and hardcore RT4U followers stranded for a prolonged period of time.

As the saying goes, everything has an end, so has the Toggle Mods.. I don't even know why I am writing this post now.. May be something pulled me back in..? Yes. It's the love of y'all made me come back and write this post after an eternity.

Well, to be honest and on-spot, this is what happened. I basically got a new job and working full time now. This is the core reason I didn't get much time for further updates of Toggle Mods. There... I said it! That was it!

As a matter of fact, even thought it has been after all those days passed.. I still get a flock of messages daily via Telegram and Facebook, people seeking for new updates and wanting to know the future of Toggle Mods

But take this with a pinch of salt.. The reign of Toggle Mods has ended. I am officially declaring this now. I really don't want you to keep on waiting for a new update, because I've moved away from that life style a long ago. To be exact, I left the modding scene.. the day I got my new job.

I know this may sound frustrating.. but that's the hard truth, I can only do so much these days, I barely get enough time to play any games at all.. You all know people grow up, so as their priorities and responsibilities.

I was introduced to the world of modding when a young boy challenged me in a Mini Militia match. Back then I didn't even know what MM was. At that day, when I first installed MM something just flashed before my eyes, and it stuck with me for a good amount of time. You may laugh after hearing this. That young boy who challenged me, defeated me in my first MM match and I was so embarassed. But something glorious, some inner demon ( 😜 ) was waiting to be awaken, at that specific point, all thoughts I had in my mind was to somehow beat this boy and become the king of MM clan over the players in my area.

Did you know what happened next? I made my first ever patch of the MM library. Guess what mod I did?

It was the all glorious good ole, the Unlimited Health mod!

If you've guessed it right, you must be a true follower of RT4U 😀

Well, that exactly how the story began. Lots have happened since then. I never in my dreams could have guessed the success RT4U got after the release of the first ever Toggle Mod for MM. RT4U was like a snail before that.

I must thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the tremendous support you've given me and RT4U as a community uplifting from the bottom of the ocean to the skies!

I still don't wanna let go of this. Because somehow the influence of the mods I made, built who I am now. I've learnt a lots, like tons of knowledge pioneering the cores of ARM assemblies whilst taking baby steps in android modding.

You must be thinking... "Didn't you say the, it's the end of toggle mods.. but why double thoughts? " "Will there be ever a toggle mod again?"

Only Allah knows 😀

As already mentioned above, I am already bombarded with my work schedule.. so I don't have any plans for new updates for Toggle Mods in the near future (If everything goes right).

But.. hey.. I came back from the ashes after almost 2+ years of silence addressing all your concerns you've sent about me and the future updates via Telegram, Whatsapp and Facebook. So yes, there may be still hope.

And even tho the gaming community has emerged from 2D games to most addictive 3D games like PubG, there's still a quite a large amount of playerbase for MM, and I think it will last for quite a long time too. So I don't think MM is dying anywhere soon. So as long as it lasts, you guys do enjoy it to the core!

I guess I've said pretty much everything.. or did I? Let me know in the comments section.

Oh btw, it's NOT the end of RT4U. RT4U will stay alive as long as I am alive 😊

That's it for now guys, as always it's Shihab. Peace out! 💗

P.s - The ads shown in this post is hardcoded in the blogger scripts, I just can't manually remove it, as it'd take quite an amount of time. So my apologies if it has interrupted the reading. And also, I haven't proofread this post, so turn a blind eye for me will ya 😉.
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  1. Well, as they say all good things must come to an end. Hope you do well in life, thanks for all the good mods that you made over the years. You will be missed RevealedTricks4u. I hope someday you'll return and suprise everyone. Goodbye for now :)

  2. Shihab you made my childhood memorable, thanks so your life happily.

  3. Can you share the source code ?
    If not then probably the methodology ?

  4. Can you share the source code ?
    If not then probably the methodology ?

  5. I need toggle mod for version 4.2.8 pls bhai

  6. I don't know about others but I will always be there for RT4U!
    I waited for so much time but still wait For RT4U!


  7. Wow, thank you for your service. This was the one of the best websites i've ever visited.
    But, why does it say.. tom's custom chatbox when i try to type?


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