Wireless Microphone Advanced For Android

An advanced app to convert your Android's Microphone as a Wireless Microphone, with receiver supports Windows, Linux, Mac...
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Privacy Policy for Wireless MIC Advanced

Privacy Policy for Wireless MIC Advanced

Thank you for downloading Wireless MIC Advanced (“WSMA”). WSMA was developed by, and are owned and operated by, RevealedTricks4U, a duly incorporated virtual company.
It is the policy of RevealedTricks4U to respect your privacy, and the privacy of all users of our applications. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) has been established to help you understand our commitment to protecting your privacy, and the steps we take to ensure it. This Policy was last modified on April 04, 2017. RevealedTricks4U reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify the Policy.
Your privacy is very important to us and we want you to know everything we do and don’t do with the information you provide. Our guiding principle is that any information we collect from you will be treated with the utmost care and respect, and every effort will be made to ensure the information is kept private.
For purposes of the Policy, “Application” refers to WSMA, as the case may be. Application also includes any Application updates and upgrades that RevealedTricks4U may provide to you or make available to you, or that you obtain after the date you obtain your initial copy of the Application, to the extent that such items are not accompanied by a separate Privacy Policy.
Where the present Policy refers to “RevealedTricks4U”, it may refer to the Application or RevealedTricks4U or both, depending on the context.
BY INSTALLING, USING OR ACCESSING THE APPLICATION, YOU HEREBY ACCEPT THE POLICY WITHOUT QUALIFICATION. You have also explicitly accepted the Terms and Privacy Policy following your installation of the Application and launch of the Application for the first time. If you do not agree to this Policy, do not use or access the Application, and delete it from the device on which the Application was installed (the “Device”).
If you have any questions about the Policy, please contact:
RevealedTricks4U Founder, ShihabSoft:
No Collection of Personal Information
RevealedTricks4U does not gather any of your personal information while you are using the Application, except as provided for in this Policy. Where certain information is collected, it will only be used for the stated purpose.
Under no circumstances does RevealedTricks4U collect, download or otherwise make copies of any recordings you make using the Application (hereinafter “Recordings”) and any reference to personal information in the present Policy does not include Recordings, or any personal information about you or any third party included in the Recordings.
Non-disclosure of Personal Information
Except as provided in the following paragraph and following section, RevealedTricks4U does not divulge any personal information gathered via the Application to third parties. Moreover, RevealedTricks4U does not sell any information regarding its Application users.
Third-Party Advertisements
Where you have downloaded WSMA, the Application uses Google, a third party vendor, to serve advertisements in the Application, using the AdMob system (see http://www.google.com/ads/admob/). By using the Application, you consent to the delivery of these advertisements and any data collected by Google, as per the Privacy Policy of AdMob (found at http://www.admob.com/home/privacy).
In addition to Google advertisements, from time to time we may allow other third-party companies to serve ads and/or collect certain anonymous information when you use the Application.
User Control and Uninstall
You can access and change user settings from the options/settings menu on your device. Uninstall methods vary depending on your device. RevealedTricks4U has no control over these functions and denies any responsibility of your use thereof, and any data or personal information sent to third parties as a result of said activities.
The following is a complete listing and description of what functions on the Device are accessed and / or modified by the Application. Unless otherwise indicated, the permission applies to both WSMA:
Allows the Application to make Recordings using the microphone.
Allows the Application to modify global audio settings such as volume and which speaker is used for input/output.
Allows the Application to create network sockets and use custom network protocols.
Allows the Application to write to the USB storage and / or SD card.
Risks Associated with the Internet or Wireless Data Transmission
Despite RevealedTricks4U’s efforts to ensure third parties will not access or obtain your personal information through the Application, complete confidentiality and security cannot currently be guaranteed on the Internet and / or where data is transferred via wireless digital technology of any type. Communication in this manner is subject to interception, loss, or alteration. You acknowledge and agree that RevealedTricks4U cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from the transmission of information in this manner and that such communications are at your own risk.
Limitation of Liability
RevealedTricks4U, and / or its respective officers, directors, owners, officials, partners, partnerships, principals, employees, affiliates and other related entities, servants, agents, representatives, successors and assigns, will not be held liable for any damages resulting from the misuse of any information collected through the Application by any third party, or any misuse of any information collected through the Application not in violation of the Policy.
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