Crouching - 1/8 Awesome Techniques to Become a Professional Player in Mini Militia

Let’s get started on some of the techniques. Now I gave few of them my own names for reference (Please don’t criticize xD). Read slowly and carefully. Just glancing over will not help. Please attempt to immerse yourselves in it, and try to feel me. This guide is not meant to spoon-feed step by step. It’s about how you perceive it and how well you apply it.

Also, as soon as you see topic names, don’t assume this will be just like a tips and tricks video you saw on YouTube. NO, I pay attention to detail, and hopefully expect the same from my readers.


When you crouch, your aim is stabilized and the bullets don’t split as much. Also the exposed area of your avatar reduces, which means the opponent will have to fire at a smaller region than when you’re standing or mid-air for example. This means they cannot aim at you perfectly. Try to stay crouched ALL THE TIME. Now there is another “use” of crouching which is to reduce damage taken from grenades. The problem with this is that you will still lose some health. I will go over a better technique to counter grenades further in this guide. Just remember to stay crouched when you’re vulnerable to bullets, and fire mercilessly.

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Don't be shy. Just leave your comments, am so happy to assist you. And, don't forgot that I am such a nice person who you are dealing with :)

Don't be shy. Just, leave your comments. Iam so happy to assist you. And, don't forgot that, I am such a nice person who you are dealing with :)