8 Awesome Techniques to Become a Professional Player in Mini Militia

-- Shreyas Pranesh(V!$!0N DA2).

Hey mini militia fans. Now if you’re looking for some sort of magic trick that will have you crushing other pros instantly, GET OFF NOW. The techniques I will be mentioning today need practise to master. Not many will have the patience to read it all, but whoever chooses to do so will find out so many obvious things that pros would have figured out by themselves. Many pro players give training to others, where they teach these techniques which I’m attempting to put into text.

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This guide will focus on how to execute these techniques which might work best in a certain button placement. You can use any comfortable setup you want, but where most people lack is the use of melee. It’s one of the most versatile features in the game. The regular player doesn’t shoot and melee at the same time. The pro does.

Here are 2 ways to achieve that,

1)The thumb switcher

This setup might seem a little weird. You can place grenade, reload and zoom wherever you want. I’m focusing only on aim, movement and placement of melee with respect to those (This applies for all setups).

Here’s how to use this. While moving, as you all know, pressing melee makes you move faster. So use your RIGHT thumb to press melee, and as soon as an opponent shows himself, start firing. Also you can use your LEFT thumb to press melee, and you won’t have to stop shooting if he comes closer. Extra damage.

Place your buttons such that you can reach melee with both thumbs comfortably, and switch between both as required.

2) Melee fapping

This setup is more commonly known as the three finger setup. Since melee is so important, you assign another finger entirely to press melee. This will be your INDEX finger. Place melee at the top left corner of your screen such that when you’re naturally holding your phone, you can touch the corner of your screen with your index finger comfortably.

If you prefer using your right hand for this, just place melee at the top right corner and compensate for this with other buttons.

I don’t have to explain much about how to use this. You can move, shoot and melee ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 3 different fingers for different tasks. Also you will start to naturally move much faster as you will be pressing melee way more often than usual.


Whichever setup you choose to go with, just remember that it takes only a day or two to get adjusted. Bear with it, don’t go back to what you originally had, and you’ll get used to it in no time. Play a lot of survival (Solo play) and then go to quick play and practice with lesser experienced players who tend to make mistakes. If you directly play with pros in custom rooms when you’re on a new setup, you’ll get defeated and feel demotivated. DO NOT PLAY WITH PROS UNLESS YOU’RE COMFORTABLE. Play 1 versus 1 and not with 6 players altogether, if you must play on custom.

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  1. v3.0.6 is out,please update toogle mod

  2. Really helpful man. Hope you come up with more tips and tricks to guide the wannabe pro's.

  3. Really helpful man. Hope you come up with more tips and tricks to guide the wannabe pro's.

    1. Thanks a lot mate. Appreciate it. Stay tuned for more.


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