NO ROOT Version of Toggle Mod v14.1 - Marvellous Features - Radar Everywhere, Custom Skill, Fake Your Device, etc - Mini Militia v3.0.6 for non rooted Android devices

Hey there,

Sorry for the delayed release. As you know, the root version of this app has already been released on my birthday at

This release is for non rooted mini militia lovers. Here it is, Toggle Mod v14.1 B'day special Mod for Mini Militia v3.0.6.

Happy gaming :)


What are the Features?

Includes all features from the latest version of Toggle Mod v14.1 - , which is meant for rooted phones.

How to install? - (For users who knows my Toggle Apps before)

  1. Download the app from the Downloads section below.
  2. Install the downloaded "" file.
  3. That's it.

How to install? - (For new users)

  1. Download the app from the Downloads section below.
  2. Uninstall any previous version of "No Root Toggle Mod App". (App Signature changed)
  3. Install the downloaded "" file.
  4. Make sure you have already installed the latest game "Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2". It is version 3.0.6, at the time of writing.
  5. Now open the game at least once. Just quit the game, after seeing the home screen.
  6. Open the "ToggleMod" app.
  7. Select your desired options.
  8. Just press the button "Patch", then sit back and relax, until the whole operation completes. It would take around 1-5 minutes, according to your device's performance.
  9. Now, you would be asked for replacing the installed game app. Make sure you have already took a recent backup of your game before proceeding with this.
  10. Just press the button "Nail it!", and press "Un-install" and then "Install".
  11. That's it. Now press button "Launch Game", back in the app and enjoy the gameplay ;).


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I am Shihab, people used to call me a Security researcher or sometimes a Reverse engineer or sometimes a creepy hacker ;). Got a brain full of knowledge in different programming languages, and not more nor less I am a blogger too :).
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  1. Brthr non-Root vertion take long time to patching V14.

    Plz hlp

    1. Hey Akhil,

      Please send the logs from /sdcard/rt4u/ folder to [email protected]. And make sure if you've already reinstalled the original game from playstore. This version of ToggleMod has major changes, which needs a fresh installed MM app.

    2. I can't kill any one in online there is some problem I tried with friends also they were at one place and after shooting for so much time they were not killed and they have normal game not unlimited health

    3. Please tell what to do I have used your earlier versions but no problem like this

  2. Belated Happy Birthday!!! More Birthdays to Come dude!
    I love your mods, Good job, Keep it up man!
    Can I suggest new features in mini militia that I want to see in the future? (not sure if they are possible)
    1. Custom Health - You can increase your health. For example 2x 3x 4x health and so on
    2. Custom Regeneration - You can customize your speed of regenerating. For example 2x 3x 4x regeneration and so on
    3. Be invulnerable to bombs - Bombs cant hurt you. Gas and mines cant hurt you as well
    4. Be invulnerable to guns - Any gun cant damage you.
    5. Custom starting gun - For example, you can choose bazooka or Sniper, etc. as your starting gun
    6. Custom bullet range - You can choose your bullet rang to be like 2x 3x 4x and so on.(I want this because if you enable 4x bullets, the bullets will dissappear or the range has been cut. The range of the gun is of somewhat like shotgun)
    7. Custom bullet speed - You can choose how fast the bullet travels. Can be like 2x 3x 4x, be like sniper and so on
    8. Custom Rank - You can choose your rank in the game.
    9. Laser Sight for all weapons - You will have laser sight on every weapon. Even the sniper, Bazooka etc.
    10.(not sure if this is possible) Custom melee damage - You can increase your melee damage. Can be 2x 3x 4x...
    11. You can betray teammates - You can hurt your teammates with guns and everything. As if they are your enemies.
    12. Unlimited bombs - You get unlimited bombs
    13. Unlimited ammo - You get unlimited ammo
    14. Suicide option or button - Displays an in game button that when you press it, you suicide!
    15. Transparent bush - No more hiding 🙂 Bushes will be transparent.
    16 Custom reload - (This is the different reload, its how long it takes until the gun fires.) You can choose how long the cooldown is until your gun will fire. Like for example, You can choose the sniper to be rapid. A Machine gun sniper!!!! LOL
    17. Armor? - You can customize how tough you are. For example, 1 bomb is all it takes to kill you ( if you are not crouching). You can customize it to be like 2x 3x 4x
    18. Custom bullet - for example you can customize the bullet of a pistol to be a sniper bullet. The pistol will fire what the sniper fires. Thats what the custom bullet does.
    19. You cant be booted - Even if the host boots you, you will still be in the game and not booted
    20. (may not be possible) Boot other players even if youre not the host.
    21. Speedhack - Increases movement speed
    22. All guns will have 7x view,6x,4x
    Also, Can you fix some things? (Im not really sure if its a bug or if it can be fixed)
    1. If you choose to have 4x 5x 6x.... bullets, the range will decrease, can the range be normal?
    2. If you choose the dual guns with the unli ammo, the second gun doesnt fire.
    3. Not really a bug. Can you separate unli ammo from unli bombs?
    Would be much appreciated :)
    Am waiting for the no root versions :)
    (You will never run out of ideas again XD)
    Sorry If I have been spamming this but, I just really really want you to see this :) :)
    I really hope you take some time to read this! :) :) :)

    1. Hey Raging Killer,

      I am really apologizing for not replying to your continuous comments in my youtube channel and here. Hectic workload caused this. I've read your comments, it is unbelievably fantastic suggestions. I'll surely add those features in the future updates as much as it is possible for me to make it happen. I would really like to thank you for taking this much effort to comment your suggestions.

    2. And also, after seeing all your effort, I would like to invite you to our team. Just ping me on [email protected] for more info about this.(Only if you're interested in)

    3. Hey SHIHAB SOFT,
      Sadly, I dont have Outlook. :( Do you have any other ideas on how we can communicate? How about yahoo?

    4. Hi Shihab,
      Thank you thank you thank you for reading my comment. Im really grateful. Yes, I would like to join your team :) Cant wait to see thos features in the future >:) Thanks again :)

    5. Shihab
      Great job on this mod :) But, I cannot switch grenades. Is it because of my device or is it a bug?

    6. Shihab
      Great job on this mod :) Keep it up :) But, I cannot switch grenades for some reason. Is it my device or is it a bug?

    7. Just send me a mail via Gmail site or app. You don't need to have Outlook for that.

    8. Ummm Shihab,
      Im not an expert when it comes to those things. Can I know your email? So I can send you a mail.

  3. And... bombs

    Granades only, no gasbombs and timerbombs, plz solve this

  4. Bro no-root version is not working to change custom device, custom skill, radar.. These are the only features we wanted from v14 toggle but does not work

    1. Hey Akhil,

      Please send the logs from /sdcard/rt4u/ folder to [email protected]. And make sure if you've already re-installed the original game from playstore. This version of ToggleMod has major changes, which needs a fresh installed MM app.

    2. Bro i am happy to say that 'fake your devive (custom platform)' finally works. This is what i did
      - uninstalled mini militia installed fresh from play store and did 'not'open and applied patches.
      But custom skill, radar everywhere doesn't work still. Using S7 Edge, maybe those need root

    3. Custom skill works too.. Only the rank looks like noobie/beginner. Thank you very much bro. Radar is looking like normal version and not really sure about it until I play more

  5. Will you try to relaese a version of x86 architecture? Only you seem to be the hope. No mods available anywhere for x86 architecture. Its a request...

    1. Hey Xennet,

      As you might know, Mini Militia mods' root starts from this website. Most of them are just copying the library file from the ToggleMod patched MM game, and using it in their websites blatantly.

      Anyways, I'll start working on the Intel based processors(x86) once I get a device nearby.

  6. Thanks buddy you are so amazing.Love u bro. :)

    1. You're always welcome Aryaman :)

    2. Bro soory for the delayed wishes u was damm coool man 👍

  7. When i throw a bomb the game gets crashes i dont know why pzz tell me

    1. Hmm, seems pretty strange R.D. Could you please explain the situation more? Like when and from which part you're facing crash?

    2. My phone is samsung galaxy e5 anyways when i throw a bomb the game gets crashes and even when i take dual weild not only this i die very fast i dont get this types of problems in version 13 and my phone is running on 5.1.1 lollipop

  8. Hi Arindam,

    Could you please elaborate the problem?

  9. Why can't i able to connect to my google account so that i can get my skill back and i am dying very quickly

    1. Unfortunately, if you're using a no-root version of app. Google play won't allow you to authorize with a modified app. May be in the future, I'll try finding a fix for that. But, sometimes it worked out for me, like when I restore the backup data(taken with original app) via Titanium Backup.

  10. Problems with Dual Wield is solved . Thanks ...

  11. But unable to take any other bombs. Pls fix it.

    1. Yeah, am getting series of bug reports on that. I'll take a look onto it.

  12. no new feature of v 14 is working bro on non root version pls help

    1. It does work. Make sure to re-install the mm app from playstore. Already modified or previously modded app won't work this version.

  13. Bro u was dam cool and belated birth day wish 👍 keep it up nd tell u r youtube channel i need sub it 👌👍

    1. Hi Cyb00,

      Thanks and here you go

  14. Great Effort brother. But dual guns don't work,have a look into it or suggest how it's work.

    1. Hi Furious,

      Thanks and yeah, dual wield is buggy as hell. So I would suggest you to not select it while patching, until I fix it.

  15. pls fix the buf regarding smoke bomb and mines. it cant be select or cho0sen.
    (toggle mod ver 14.1 non root)

  16. pls fix the bug regarding smoke bomb or mint, it cant be taken or choosen in lan or wifi mod. (toggle mod 14.1 non root)

  17. pls fix the bug regarding smoke bomb or mint, it cant be taken or choosen in lan or wifi mod. (toggle mod 14.1 non root)

  18. serious bug---I am being able to kill only one person and after that no matter how much i shoot them no one dies.
    device moto g2. i did the fresh install from play store and checked the following options :-
    -unlimited ammo
    -radar everywhere
    -custom skill (around 15-16)
    -fake device (ios)
    -invisible to all
    -no kill counters
    -fly through walls
    -bullets per shot (max=9)
    -pro pack
    -no reload
    -unlimited health
    -unlimited flying power

    unchecked options:-
    -respawning time
    -dual wield
    -no one can see you

  19. Freezing problem
    When I pickup 2 weapons and shoot then game was freezed
    Plz fix this issue..

  20. bro du you know how can i get my rank and skills after patching with toggle mod whenever I patch my rank and skills does not come it goes to 0 that's why I am not able to use toggle mod 😕

  21. Sir i always use your patch but i want to know that if i patch with your toggle mod. Is the patch apk will overwrite with the new one or not

  22. hey shihab...theres a new version of mini militia......3.0.27......pls....update it and dont delay the no root verion of it...pls

  23. bro.. everything is fine.. bt the home page shows could u pls tell me how to remove that?? cause when playing with my friends they are catching me easily by this step.. plss help

  24. Unlimited ammo not working... My device is one plus two

  25. today plzz cree toggle mod 3.0.27 root please

  26. Please upload toggle mod for 3.0.27


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