Critical OPS Android - Invisible To All | Toggle Mod v1.0 Beta Gameplay

Hello boys and girls,

I am hereby starting our all famous series of Toggle Mod for the marvellous first person shooter game Critical OPS.

Download Toggle Mod 14.1 for Mini Militia v3.0.6 from here

This post consists of a gameplay video of our yet-to-be-released Toggle Mod v1.0 Beta for Critical OPS v0.6.3.5 for Android.


  • Invisible to all - This feature must be funny to start with. You won't be visible to other players and they can't do any damage to you. Most important thing with this feature is, you can still shoot and kill other players while being invisible to them. Jaw dropping huh ;)
  • Unlimited Ammo - Obvious from it's name, your weapons would have infinite number of ammo.
  • In-Game Commands - Every features can be activated and deactivated by just typing in your chat box.
NOTE - Lot of other features, those are not mentioned above are still in development.


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About ShihabSoft

I am Shihab, people used to call me a Security researcher or sometimes a Reverse engineer or sometimes a creepy hacker ;). Got a brain full of knowledge in different programming languages, and not more nor less I am a blogger too :).
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  1. That's seriously a game changer development. Keep going bro. Cheers :) we request for non-root mini militia toggle mod soon. Also take off unlimited health from it bro, because nothing works if someone activates it :(

    1. Haha yes ;). I'll make a poll, so you guys can vote and decide about the existence of some Mini Militia mod features such as ProPack, Unlimited Health, etc.

  2. Replies
    1. I am sorry to say this, that game is nearly un-hackable due to it's fully server sided codes. Anyways, may be in the future, you'll find a ToggleMod for that too ;)

  3. Pzz mini militia version 14 for no root

  4. Thank you fullfill my requset your AWESOME.

    1. Hi Killer V,

      Always glad to fulfill all you guys' requests ;)

    2. Hi shihab :) when the invisible critical ops came out?

  5. Belated Happy Birthday!!! More Birthdays to Come dude!
    I love your mods, Good job, Keep it up man!
    Can I suggest new features in mini militia that I want to see in the future?
    1. Custom Health - You can increase your health. For example 2x 3x 4x health and so on
    2. Custom Regeneration - You can customize your speed of regenerating. For example 2x 3x 4x regeneration and so on
    3. Be invulnerable to bombs - Bombs cant hurt you. Gas and mines cant hurt you as well
    4. Be invulnerable to guns - Any gun cant damage you.
    5. Custom starting gun - For example, you can choose bazooka or Sniper, etc. as your starting gun
    6. Custom bullet range - You can choose your bullet rang to be like 2x 3x 4x and so on.(I want this because if you enable 4x bullets, the bullets will dissappear or the range has been cut. The range of the gun is of somewhat like shotgun)
    7. Custom bullet speed - You can choose how fast the bullet travels. Can be like 2x 3x 4x, be like sniper and so on
    8. Custom Rank - You can choose your rank in the game.
    9. Laser Sight for all weapons - You will have laser sight on every weapon. Even the sniper, Bazooka etc.
    10.(not sure if this is possible) Custom melee damage - You can increase your melee damage. Can be 2x 3x 4x...
    11. You can betray teammates - You can hurt your teammates with guns and everything. As if they are your enemies.
    12. Unlimited bombs - You get unlimited bombs
    13. Unlimited ammo - You get unlimited ammo
    14. Suicide option or button - Displays an in game button that when you press it, you suicide!
    15. Transparent bush - No more hiding 🙂 Bushes will be transparent.
    16 Custom reload - (This is the different reload, its how long it takes until the gun fires.) You can choose how long the cooldown is until your gun will fire. Like for example, You can choose the sniper to be rapid. A Machine gun sniper!!!! LOL
    17. Armor? - You can customize how tough you are. For example, 1 bomb is all it takes to kill you ( if you are not crouching). You can customize it to be like 2x 3x 4x
    18. Custom bullet - for example you can customize the bullet of a pistol to be a sniper bullet. The pistol will fire what the sniper fires. Thats what the custom bullet does.
    19. You cant be booted - Even if the host boots you, you will still be in the game and not booted
    20. (may not be possible) Boot other players even if youre not the host.
    21. Speedhack - Increases movement speed
    22. All guns will have 7x view,6x,4x
    Also, Can you fix some things? (Im not really sure if its a bug or if it can be fixed)
    1. If you choose to have 4x 5x 6x.... bullets, the range will decrease, can the range be normal?
    2. If you choose the dual guns with the unli ammo, the second gun doesnt fire.
    3. Not really a bug. Can you separate unli ammo from unli bombs?
    Would be much appreciated :)
    Am waiting for the no root versions :)
    (You will never run out of ideas again XD)
    Sorry If I have been spamming this but, I just really really want you to see this :) :)
    I really hope you take some time to read this! :) :) :)

  6. Can u make the toggle mod 14.1 Available for non-root users too.
    Plz i request u

  7. Too many kinds of hack destroy the game in a sense that all the fun health hack,invisibilityetc
    To me It would be reasonable only if you hack the ammo and the radar(means we see all other players in it be it terrorist or counter)
    And thanks for giving critical ops a go..we love you man.

    1. Hey Beidawng36,

      Much appreciated!. And yes, mods and hacks destroys the games, but all I do was just for fun. You know, the core part of playing games is having fun, just think of a boring day in-game, suddenly a hacker comes in f*** everything up. It would be hella fun :D.

      But I never do anything beyond the limits, like doing illegal hacks or patch such as In-App Purchase hack or anything that relates to real money which any-how affects the game developers. I duly respect the game developers and their efforts put on to building a wonderful platform for us to have fun.

      Soon, expect the mod though ;)

  8. Pls release the noroot toogle mod for critical ops on the first place. And pls try making mini militia mod with somebody new avatars and new guns, new places and i ready wish to have sniper as the first guns insted of that normal guns. With hopes 😊:-):-):-)

  9. Hey, I was wondering when the critical ops mod was coming out?

  10. Sir aisa version btao jisme dono gun fire ho

  11. how can i activated and deactivated invisible mod on critical ops by command

  12. Man do samething like unlimited money hack critical ops

  13. Man do samething like unlimited money hack critical ops

  14. I did the patch as you shown the video, but unfortunately I can't finish the last step, after the patch shows to uninstall it and install it can't be finished. And the toggle mod shows install the application for continue with the app, I tried to install the apk file which has been added to sdcard, it also can't install. It's showing app not installed. Please help me someone.
    Sorry for bad english

  15. Hello I thank you for this fabulous work but I have a question how to be invisible?

  16. Hello I thank you for this fabulous work but I have a question how to be invisible?

  17. Plz toggle mod for WWE supercard

  18. PLZ make Mobile Legends Toggle Mod For Non Root Users.
    And Also I like all your Mods
    So pls mod Mobile Legends


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