Wireless Microphone Advanced For Android

An advanced app to convert your Android's Microphone as a Wireless Microphone, with receiver supports Windows, Linux, Mac...
80,000+ downloads - 4.0/5.0 (154 ratings)
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Our Official Forum Website

Have you got a bug to report?.. Or have a wonderful idea / suggestion?.. Or just to get the latest updates right onto your finger tips.. Register at our forums and be a part of this wonderful community, which comes with awesome perks.
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Our Official Telegram Group

Do you always wanted to learn something new? Or just wanted to have a chit-chat with our team? Then it's time to join our discussion group in Telegram.
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Global Mini Militia Tournament

Hey Mini Militians, its time to show off your skills to this world. RT4U is providing a never before platform to make this festive season more pleasurable by arranging a mini militia championship at global level. Here's your chance to get beyond the boundary & play at intense level with world class players.
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